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Reverse: 1999 Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Published:2023-08-07 16:28:58Source:JuxiaAuthor:Juxia

Reverse: 1999 transports players to an immersive adventure through a different 20th-century world, where they take on the role of elite temporal observers called Timekeepers. Reverse: 1999 is a turn-based tactical role-playing game developed by Bluepoch. With their remarkable ability to wield the Arcanum’s magical power, they manipulate reality’s mechanics, revealing complex mysteries and hidden secrets along the way. In this beginners guide, players will learn the gameplay mechanics of Reverse: 1999 and we will try and provide some tips and tricks for players to help them conquer these challenges.

Reverse: 1999 Tips and Tricks for Beginners

By following these tips, you can gain a better understanding of the strategic elements in Reverse: 1999 and improve your performance in battles. As you gain experience, don’t forget to experiment with different team compositions and tactics to find the playstyle that suits you best. These are some important tips to note when playing the game.
1. Character Placement Character placement is crucial for optimizing your team’s performance in battles. The game allows you to arrange your characters from left to right on the battlefield. Characters on the left side have a higher chance of combining their skills with the first turn, which can give you an advantage at the beginning of the battle.
To make the most of this mechanic, consider placing characters with powerful and burst-damaging skills on the right side. This allows them more time to charge their ultimate abilities while the left-side characters handle the initial attacks. Utilize star skills from the right side to unleash devastating damage during critical moments.

2. Manage Your Cards Properly Properly managing your skill cards is essential in Reverse: 1999. Since the card draw is random, you’ll need to adapt to the cards you receive in each round. Use cards wisely to execute your strategy effectively.

Prioritize cards that contribute to Synthesis, as upgrading your skills can significantly improve your characters’ performance. Avoid wasting cards on unnecessary actions and plan your moves carefully to make the most of your resources.

3. Use your Ultimate Skill The ultimate skill is a powerful ability unique to each character in the game. These skills can turn the tide of battle in your favor. Make sure to use your character’s ultimate skill strategically. Timing is crucial; unleash the ultimate skill when it can have the most significant impact on the outcome of the battle.
Keep in mind that using the ultimate skill will reset your character’s Passion value, so consider the right moment to trigger this game-changing ability.

4. Incorporate Buff and Debuff Buff and debuff effects can greatly influence the outcome of battles. Buffs enhance your characters’ abilities, while debuffs weaken the opponents. Combining characters with complementary buff and debuff skills can create powerful synergies within your team.
For instance, a character with a debuff skill that lowers the enemy’s defense can be paired with a character with a buff skill that increases the team’s damage output. Strategically applying these effects can give you a significant advantage in combat.

5. Bring a Healer or Shielder A healer or shielder is a valuable addition to your team, especially during prolonged battles or challenging encounters. Healers can restore your team’s health, keeping them in the fight longer, while shielders can provide protection against incoming damage.
Having a character with healing or shielding abilities can increase your team’s survivability and give you more opportunities to execute your strategies effectively.

Reverse: 1999 is an engaging and strategic turn-based tactical RPG developed by Bluepoch. With its unique mechanics such as card management and elemental strength and weaknesses, the game offers players a challenging and rewarding experience.
The emphasis on synthesis, passion, and scale mechanics elevates the overall gameplay, encouraging players to carefully plan their moves and create powerful combos. They’ll find themselves immersed in thrilling battles, forming diverse teams, and mastering the art of strategy to emerge victorious in this captivating gaming adventure. Reverse: 1999 is not only known for its strategic gameplay but also for its amazing voice-over and stylish character designs.
Players will uncover a rich narrative as they progress through the game, encountering intriguing characters and unraveling mysteries. The game’s art and music complement the experience, creating a vibrant and atmospheric setting that draws players further into the game’s world. Don’t hesitate to give it a try and never forget to refer to this Reverse: 1999 beginners guide for advice if you run into problems.
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