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Ruby & Saki Fuwa Will Be Added To The Permanent Banners In Tower of Fantasy

Published:2023-08-07 15:06:33Source:JuxiaAuthor:evie

Starting from Version 3.1, slated for release on August 8th, 2023, Tower of Fantasy is set to introduce Simulacrums Ruby and Saki Fuwa as part of the Permanent Weapon Choice and Choice Matrices. With the updated version's launch on all Global servers, players will gain immediate access to these exciting new characters.

Ruby & Saki Fuwa Will Be Added To The Permanent Banners In Tower of Fantasy

Saki Fuwa and Ruby are two characters that joined the Tower of Fantasy game in its early stages. They have been available again in several occasions to let new players have a chance to get them. This way, new players can also enjoy the previous characters in the game.
However, as the game is advancing fast and trying to catch up with the Chinese version, it will be hard to get the old characters that were only limited-time offers. But there is some good news: starting from August 8th, 2023 with Version 3.1 update, both Ruby and Saki Fuwa will be added to the permanent banners.
Saki Fuwa: A weapon of ice defense type Saki Fuwa is a character in Tower of Fantasy who can use ice-based abilities and has the Frost Resonance skill. She can deal damage with ice-related attacks and skills thanks to her Frost attribute. Players can use Saki Fuwa as either a damage dealer or a shield breaker with her ice abilities.

Saki Fuwa’s skills and Frost Resonance can be used by players to try different weapon combinations and team setups that suit their play style. This helps them to adjust well in various combat scenarios, whether they need a character with high damage output or one good at breaking shields. Saki Fuwa’s flexibility makes her a valuable member of the player’s character roster.
Ruby: A character with flame power On the other hand, Ruby is a weapon that specializes in flame damage. Her weapon, named Sparky, has a skill that takes more time to activate but can inflict huge damage and have a powerful impact. A unique feature of Sparky’s skill is its ability to slow down enemies. This slowing effect can be very useful in battles because it gives the player more time to react to enemy movements and attacks.
Moreover, Ruby’s Flame Resonance is an essential part of her abilities that can be used to great advantage. With her powerful Sparky skill, she becomes an excellent support character for other Flame element characters in the game. She not only deals huge damage by herself, but she also increases their Flame ATK and Resistance, enhancing the overall performance of the team.
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