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Snowbreak Containment Zone Currency Guide

Published:2023-08-09 11:26:10Source:JuxiaAuthor:Juxia

Snowbreak: Containment Zone is an exhilarating 3D science fiction RPG shooter that harnesses the powerful capabilities of the Unreal Engine 4. This groundbreaking game offers a truly immersive experience, pushing the boundaries of gaming and enabling seamless cross-platform play, allowing players to effortlessly sync their progress across multiple devices. With the game's recent server launch, it is crucial to familiarize players with the various currencies necessary for purchasing and managing in-game resources. In this comprehensive Snowbreak Containment Zone Currency Guide, we will explore the different resources available and the strategies to acquire them.

Snowbreak Containment Zone Currency Guide

How to get Bit Gold

In the virtual realm of the game, Bit Gold stands out as the ultimate currency, representing the pinnacle of luxury and exclusivity. Unlike other in-game currencies, Bit Gold possesses a unique feature – it can be exchanged for real-world money, allowing players to make tangible purchases within the game.

Acquiring Bit Gold presents a greater challenge as it is the most prestigious currency in the game. While purchasing it with real money is an option available in the Shop, players also have the opportunity to earn Bit Gold through special events that occasionally occur. These events are rare occurrences, but if you manage to seize the opportunity, it can lead to highly rewarding deals and experiences.

How to get Digi Cash

Digi Cash, an exclusive and scarce resource in the game, holds a higher status than the regular Silver Bucks but falls below the esteemed Bit Gold within the game's currency hierarchy. In addition to its conventional uses such as purchasing banners and upgrading weapons, Digi Cash can also be converted into Silver Buck currency.

The game incorporates a rewarding system within the tasks section to provide players with ample opportunities to earn Digi Cash. Completing missions and tasks, as well as participating in events, serve as the primary and easiest methods for accumulating Digi Cash, granting a minimum of 5-10 units for each completed mission. Furthermore, for players who have obtained Bit Gold through purchases, there is also an option to convert it into Digi Cash. Additionally, redeem codes and the Supernova section present additional avenues to obtain more Digi Cash, further enriching the player's experience.

How to get Silver Buck

Silver Bucks, the most frequently encountered currency in the game, can be obtained through various means and serve multiple purposes, such as upgrading operatives from their designated menus. It is important to note that there is a daily limit for the number of conversions, which should not exceed 20.

Similar to Digi Cash, Silver Bucks can be acquired through redeem codes, Supernova events, and completing tasks. Additionally, players have the option to purchase Silver Bucks from the Shop or the Circulation Hub. These purchases are made using Rationing Codes, which act as tokens for redeeming Silver Bucks. Exciting offers are available, where 50 Rationing Codes can yield up to 3000 Silver Bucks. Engaging in the story mode of the game will also provide players with a substantial amount of Silver Buck currency.

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