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Category: Communication Date:2024-04-19 10:00:01

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Zulip is an innovative app that revolutionizes team productivity. Whether you're a small group of friends brainstorming ideas or a large-scale organization solving complex global issues, it has got you covered. Unlike other chat apps, Zulip allows you to view and respond to messages in context, regardless of when they were sent. This unique feature helps you maintain focus and catch up on your own terms. With the app, you can easily prioritize the topics that matter to you while effortlessly skimming through or skipping the rest. Plus, being an open-source app, Zulip embraces contributions and feedback from its user community, making it a collaborative platform you can trust. So, boost your team's productivity by joining Zulip today!

Features of Zulip:

⭐️ Productivity-enhancing: The app helps teams of all sizes to work together more efficiently and effectively, whether it's a small group of friends or a large organization.

⭐️ Contextual messaging: Unlike other chat apps, Zulip allows you to read and respond to messages in their relevant context, regardless of when they were sent. This ensures that important information is not missed and conversations stay organized.

⭐️ Flexible reading options: With it, you can prioritize the topics that matter to you, allowing you to focus on what is important. You also have the option to skim or skip through less relevant content, saving time and maintaining your productivity.

⭐️ Open-source: The mobile app is built on 100% open-source software, which means transparency, security, and continuous improvement. Thanks to the contributions of numerous developers, Zulip has become a trusted platform.

⭐️ Multiple deployment options: The app offers both a managed cloud service and a self-hosted solution, allowing teams to choose the deployment method that suits their needs and preferences.

⭐️ Support and communication: For any questions, comments, or bug reports, it provides various channels of support, including email and social media.


Zulip revolutionizes team collaboration by delivering a highly productive and context-driven messaging experience. Unlike other chat apps, the app ensures that you don't miss any important information and allows you to manage your time effectively. With its open-source nature, flexible reading options, and multiple deployment choices, it empowers teams to communicate seamlessly and achieve their goals. Download the mobile app now to elevate your team's productivity and collaboration.

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File size: 10.53 M Latest Version: 27.225

Requirements: Android Language: English

Votes: 317 Package ID: com.zulipmobile



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  • Mobile app is terrible to navigate or even to attach a file, now it is even impossible to read messages.
    2024-04-23 00:09:06
  • Don't judge a book by it's cover and don't judge Zulip by this Android app. Zulip is fantastic, but this Android app is pretty much useless.
    2024-04-22 13:19:29
  • I was using the legacy version. But two days ago it cannot work anymore. For this version of Zulip, I cannot connect to my organization's server. Completely dead....
    2024-04-21 15:12:16
  • My favourite business messaging app, nice to have Zulip. Open source, powerful and efficient thread architecture.
    2024-04-21 05:07:11
  • Awesome and open source! If one were to run into any problems, the community is very responsive and fast-acting.
    2024-04-21 01:19:42
  • Don't let the low-ish reviews scare you off. Fast, all the features you really need on the phone (more coming soon I am sure). Wayyyy better than deprecated Flowdock.
    2024-04-20 22:03:09
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