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Category: Communication Date:2024-04-16 13:24:01

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Onoff Business is a mobile application that allows companies to easily provide professional mobile numbers to their employees. With an active Onoff Business account, employees can download the app and start making calls instantly. This ARCEP-recognized French telecommunications operator offers a simple and intuitive web platform for managing these numbers. The Onoff Business numbers support incoming and outgoing calls, as well as SMS/MMS, just like a regular phone number. The app also includes a visual voicemail feature. Whether you're using a smartphone or a tablet, you can access the application. And if you ever need a second number for personal use, you can download the original Onoff app. We value your feedback, so feel free to share your comments at support@onoffbusiness.com. Check out our general conditions at https://www.onoffbusiness.com/en/terms-conditions/.

Features of Onoff Business:

⭐️ Exclusive Access: The App is only available for users with an active Onoff Business account, ensuring a secure and professional mobile communication experience.

⭐️ Instant Call Making: Once you have access to your Onoff Business account, you can download the app and start making calls immediately, saving time and increasing productivity.

⭐️ Professional Mobile Numbers: Onoff Business, a recognized French telecommunications operator, offers professional mobile numbers to enterprises. This allows employees to have a dedicated number for work purposes, enhancing professionalism and separating personal and professional communication.

⭐️ Easy-to-use Web Platform: It provides a user-friendly web platform where enterprises can manage and assign mobile numbers to their employees effortlessly. The intuitive interface ensures a hassle-free experience.

⭐️ Multiple Functions: The Onoff Business numbers support incoming and outgoing calls, as well as SMS/MMS, just like a regular phone number. Additionally, the app includes a visual voicemail feature, enabling users to conveniently manage their messages.

⭐️ Device Compatibility: The application is accessible from any smartphone or tablet, providing flexibility and convenience to users across different devices.


Onoff Business offers an exceptional mobile application for enterprises seeking efficient and professional communication solutions. With exclusive access, instant call-making capabilities, and dedicated professional mobile numbers, this app provides a streamlined communication experience. The user-friendly web platform, multiple functions, and device compatibility further enhance its appeal. If you need a second number for personal use, you can also download the original Onoff app. Don't miss out on this opportunity to optimize your business communication. Download the app now and experience the convenience and productivity it offers.

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Requirements: Android Language: English

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  • Peu fiable, beaucoup de problème de connexion. Fastidieuse à utiliser.
    2024-04-21 00:14:30
  • so expensive go ti another app..
    2024-04-20 10:07:28
  • Free
    2024-04-20 00:36:04
  • Awesomesauce
    2024-04-19 19:50:49
  • Customer service is so bad.
    2024-04-19 16:15:29
  • Les appels sortants ça marche ok, mais par contre impossible de recevoir des appels. A chaque fois que j'essaye de décrocher : Error establishing the call due to "the internet problem". Je suis chez moi sur un réseau Wi-Fi de très bonne qualité. J'espère que vous allez fixer ce bug rapidement sinon on devra aller ailleurs.
    2024-04-18 22:45:20
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