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SCRIBZEE® is the ultimate app for accessing and organizing all your handwritten notes. With over a million users already, this app allows you to securely access your notes wherever and whenever you need them, without having to carry around notebooks. Whether you're a student or a professional on the go, this app lets you access your notes via the smartphone app or on your tablet, PC, or Mac. The app also boasts a high-quality scanning feature, providing better results than using your smartphone camera. Plus, this app offers a range of features tailored for both learning and business purposes, making it a must-have app for anyone who wants to stay organized and efficient. Best of all, it’s available for free and offers unlimited cloud storage space, ensuring the security and accessibility of your notes. With this app, never lose or forget another note again.

Features of SCRIBZEE®:

* Access handwritten notes securely: This app allows users to securely access all their handwritten notes whenever and wherever they need them, whether it's on their smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

* Wide user base: The app, known as SCRIBZEE®, is currently being used by over a million individuals.

* Access notes without carrying notebooks: Whether you're a student or a professional on a business trip, this app eliminates the need to physically carry around your notes or notebooks. It ensures that all your handwritten notes are easily accessible even when you don't have your notebook with you.

* High-quality scanning: Instead of using your smartphone camera, which often yields subpar results,this app automatically enhances the quality of your scanned notes. It accurately frames the page content, reframes the image vertically and horizontally, and optimizes contrast and brightness levels. This ensures that your scanned notes are always clear, readable, and shareable.

* Ideal for learning: This app is perfect for students who often forget their notebooks or have their study cards damaged. It protects and organizes notes, allowing students to study wherever and whenever they need to. Additionally, it offers features like organizing notes by subject, sharing notes with a single click, and assigning revision progress statuses to study cards.

* Useful for professionals: For individuals with long-term projects or extensive project management responsibilities, this app offers the ability to save and access all notes in one place. It also allows users to archive notes by subject, client, or project name for easy retrieval. Additionally, meeting notes can be quickly converted to PDF and shared, and notes can be linked to calendar appointments for better organization.


SCRIBZEE® is a highly convenient and versatile app that provides secure access to handwritten notes. With its high-quality scanning feature, users can enjoy clear and readable scanned notes without the need for a smartphone camera. The app caters to both students and professionals, offering organizational tools, easy sharing options, and reminders for important notes. With a wide user base and features like free cloud storage, encryption, and photo integration, this app is a must-have app for anyone looking to access their handwritten notes seamlessly and efficiently. Click now to download and experience the convenience firsthand.

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File size: 92.74 M Latest Version: 5.0.107

Requirements: Android Language: English

Votes: 98 Package ID: com.hamelin.wanapp


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  • it doesnt wait for you to position it correctly over the scanner, not does it scan properly. you'd think it'd be better as its the company's own app, all of my scans so far are blurry and/or only half visible. much more sensible to take an actual photo
    2024-04-20 09:27:17
  • I even used a tripod to set my phone and camera correctly, it still cannot scan a page.
    2024-04-20 07:37:05
  • More trouble than it's worth. Awkward to use on the rare occasions I've coaxed it to work, and failure to connect most of the time regardless of firewall settings. Deleted now as the UX doesn't warrant any further effort in persuading it to work.
    2024-04-18 23:51:05
  • So far incredible, I love it I didn't even realise this book came with this service until I got home. I'd love an option to write on the document, I see there is an option to highlight but I'd like to draw on it as it's easy for maths to draw on my notes
    2024-04-18 17:11:30
  • Rubbish. Flash makes the page barely readable. I've used other scan apps which have much more functionality, such as contrast etc. Also, it chops off a section around the page! So if you write close to margins, you get cropped. :/
    2024-04-18 08:01:33
  • I can only give you one star unfortunately as I can not get past the registration step. The app is telling me to enter a valid email to register, I tried with 2 email addresses, google and yahoo, none of them work for some reason. I've had these email accounts for more than 10 years, i don't remember ever being told that the email address is not valid. Please check
    2024-04-17 20:22:53
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