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GROM - Social Network For Kids

Category: Communication Date:2024-04-08 13:48:01

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GROM - Social Network For Kids is the ultimate multimedia app designed by kids, for kids! With this one-stop platform, you can share videos and message friends from all over the world. It's time for kids to have their own social media space where they can create and watch amazing content, connect with celebrities and athletes, and discover new videos and friends every day. What sets Grom Social apart is its commitment to safety and parent monitoring. The app is live monitored and follows COPPA guidelines, allowing parents to track their child's activity and provide permissions through the parent section. To ensure a secure experience, Grom Social also offers a one-time payment for parental verification, as well as a premium subscription option to remove all advertisements. Join the Grom Social community now and start exploring the exciting world of kid-friendly social media!

Features of GROM - Social Network For Kids:

* One-stop multimedia app: GROM - Social Network For Kids is a comprehensive app that offers various multimedia features in one place. Users can watch videos, message friends, and discover new content all within the app.

* Share videos and message friends: Users can easily share their videos with friends and connect with them through messaging. This feature allows for easy communication and sharing of content.

* Exclusive shows and famous people: Grom Social offers exclusive shows and the opportunity to meet famous people. Users can watch over 1,000 hours of Grom TV shows and potentially connect with celebrities and athletes.

* Hilarious face filters and effects: The app offers a creative aspect with hilarious face filters and effects that users can use in their videos. This feature adds a fun and entertaining element to the app.

* Parental monitoring and permissions: Grom Social is designed with children in mind, and it follows COPPA guidelines. Parents can monitor their child's activity and provide permissions through the parent section of the app. This ensures a safe and controlled environment for kids.

* Parental verification and premium subscription: Many features in the Grom Social app require parental verification, which can be done through a one-time payment of .99 Additionally, there is an option for a premium subscription that removes all advertisements in the app for .99 per month, per user.

In conclusion, GROM - Social Network For Kids is an exciting app for kids that offers a wide range of features. From sharing videos and messaging friends to watching exclusive shows and meeting famous people, this app provides a fun and safe social media experience. With parental monitoring and verification, as well as the option for a premium subscription, Grom Social ensures a secure and enjoyable platform for kids to connect and express themselves. Click here to download and start exploring the world of Grom Social today!

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File size: 96.43 M Latest Version: 1.0.44

Requirements: Android Language: English

Votes: 245 Package ID: com.grom.socialnetwork



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  • First, it took like an hour to put in my birthday cuz u have to scroll through all the moths and years and then it didnt even let me make the account and I had to delete like 5 other apps to get this.
    2024-04-13 22:28:18
  • it keeps crashing when i try to like watch the video but best app ever!!
    2024-04-13 07:56:57
  • I tried it and it was weird it was not okay I'm yet to pay for it actually had to pay for the post if you don't for $1 basically he's not going to let you see the post you just made so far because you can make videos but you're not going to see them and nobody's going to see them I just don't understand and is making me so mad I just didn't get any more it's really it's really not for me
    2024-04-12 21:01:32
  • Wonderful. A actually good app that my mum didn't have to say no to. This is like a young tiktok. Just joking. I can't play it lol:)
    2024-04-11 10:35:35
  • They deducted the $1 from my PayPal but it still doesn't work...still keeps asking me to verify
    2024-04-11 04:51:25
  • I hate this app i tried 50 times to change my avatar i went to settings i tried EVERTHING and still wouldnt work
    2024-04-09 15:51:08
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