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SoLo Funds: Lend & Borrow

Category: Finance Date:2024-04-02 14:44:34

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Introducing SoLo Funds that empowers real people to support each other financially. With SoLo, you can access up to $575 on your own terms, without any interest or credit checks. Plus, you can lend funds to make a social impact and earn a return. Our secure communication and protection ensure that we're in this together, creating a safety net for potential losses. With the SoLo Wallet, you can bank with us and build financial autonomy. No hidden fees, just transparent and fair financial services. Join thousands of members who believe in people helping people. Download SoLo Funds now!

Features of the App:

- Access up to $575 on your own terms: SoLo allows you to borrow or lend money without any interest or credit checks. You have control over your borrowing terms, giving you the freedom to meet your financial needs.

- Earn money while helping others: By using SoLo, you can make a social impact while earning a return on your money. The app provides data-driven tools to help you make informed decisions and fund requests that align with your values.

- SoLo Protection: The app prioritizes the safety and security of its members. It ensures secure communication between bank accounts and creates a safety net to protect against potential losses.

- SoLo Wallet: With SoLo's banking solution, you can build financial autonomy. The app allows you to easily deposit, withdraw, and manage your finances, providing convenience and control over your money.

- No hidden fees: SoLo guarantees transparency by eliminating hidden fees. You won't encounter any minimum balance fees, transaction fees, expedition fees, or overdraft fees, ensuring a straightforward and fair financial experience.

- Get Money University: SoLo believes in empowering its users with knowledge. The app offers free courses and resources to help you develop strong financial habits and share this valuable information with others.


SoLo Funds is a community finance platform that prioritizes the well-being and financial autonomy of its members. With features like easy access to funds, the opportunity to earn money while making a social impact, and transparent banking services, SoLo stands out as a reliable and user-friendly app. The app's commitment to protecting its members and providing educational resources further enhances its appeal. Experience the benefits of SoLo Funds by joining thousands of satisfied members and download the app today.

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File size: 111.00 M Latest Version: 1.36.0

Requirements: Android Language: English

Votes: 62 Package ID: com.solofunds

Developer: Solo Funds Inc.

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  • Its a joke. Loans don't get fulfilled. I've had loans expire, put new ones in and nothing. my score is much lower than anyone else's and im not getting answers as to why. Don't recommend this app if you need this money quick
    2024-04-07 03:12:25
  • I am joining the chorus of people saying to NOT download this app. It is an absolute scam. I have been trying to transfer money out from a repaid loan for 8 months now. Customer Service is nonexistent: they essentially say the same things over and over and hope you give up and go away.
    2024-04-06 10:01:38
  • Using the app is easy and I had a little trouble and customer service was fast and polite.I just discussed my concerns with Vincent and he was wonderful! He answered all my questions and was very nice ... Outside of costumer service my only problem is I'm waiting on my first loan though and it's taking a while. I wish we could write more in our description. The objective is amazing just wish scoring was better because I can't seem to get funded for my first loan.
    2024-04-06 00:12:17
  • DON'T! Do not throw your $ into this money pit. You might make a couple dollars off of some loans but when people don't pay you back you LOSE your entire loan. The "insurance policy" is 100% to protect Solo. This entire app is structured so only Solo profits, the lenders & borrowers are losers. Even if you take get "insurance," you only get your $ back in Solo credits which you have to put back into shady loans to people who probably won't pay you back. Support is horrible too.
    2024-04-05 15:14:45
  • I'd give this app 5 stars, if it actually found me lender's. I've been waiting for weeks with nothing. Other people get and pay their loans, but I haven't received anything from anyone. I'll probably delete this app since I can't use it.
    2024-04-05 05:18:03
  • Not app designer fault, it wasn't very clear in the fine print about lender protection and exactly what or how they "cover you" Incase someone defaults on their loan. So I have funded two different loans so far since downloading this app. BOTH loans are in default and I paid for this "lender protection". Well this is how they "got you covered Incase of default". They cover 90% of the principal and solo donation. But it's done via solo CREDITS. That u can't withdraw as real money. Only reloan!!
    2024-04-04 21:49:32
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