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Category: Media & Video Date:2024-01-25 11:18:01

Rating: 4.4 Tags: Music

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Create beautiful music and express yourself with Keylimba, the ultimate music app. Play the kalimba, a popular African instrument, right on your phone. With a user-friendly interface, customizable features, and high-quality sounds, Keylimba makes music creation easy and enjoyable for everyone. No musical experience is needed to create your own tunes and share them with the world. Plus, upgrade to Keylimba Plus for even more features and a premium, ad-free experience. Revolutionize your music experience today and download Keylimba to start creating beautiful music.

Features of Keylimba Mod:

> Beautiful Interface: The app has a minimalist design with clear and labeled keys, allowing users to focus on playing the kalimba.

> Highly Customizable: Users can personalize their music-making experience by changing the background color, key markings, and sound of the kalimba.

> Intuitive and Easy to Use: The app is user-friendly and doesn't require any musical experience. Users can simply pluck the keys to create beautiful tunes.

> Lightweight: The app is designed to work on low-end devices and doesn't take up much space, ensuring a smooth experience without any lag or delay.

> Adjustable 8-21 Key Range: Users have the freedom to adjust the key range of the kalimba, allowing them to create a wider range of tunes.

> High-Quality Sounds and Built-In Looper: The app uses realistic and pleasing sounds, and it also has a built-in looper for recording and playing back tunes.


Keylimba is the perfect app for music lovers of any skill level. With its beautiful interface, customization options, and ease of use, users can easily create beautiful music without needing any musical experience. The app is lightweight and can be used on low-end devices without any issues. With high-quality sounds and a built-in looper, users can enhance their music-making experience. Upgrade to Keylimba Plus for access to all features and an ad-free experience. Download Keylimba today and revolutionize your music experience!

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File size: 16.00 M Latest Version: 6.7

Requirements: Android Language: English

Votes: 285 Package ID: com.dvdfu.keylimba

Developer: dvdfu


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  • I play kalimba and I LOVE this app! I think it's about as close as anyone can get to a thumb piano on a Smartphone. However, Keylimba does need an Exit/Off button. (If there is one, I can't find it.) My Samsung Galaxy S10 (Andoid 11 One UI 3.0) won't let me just back out. I have to close Keylimba from Running Apps, which is very odd. Once the developers fix this problem, Keylimba will be perfect and easily worth the asking price. Payment unlocks more voicings, of which there are a good number.
    2024-01-29 20:24:43
  • such a nice app, only used for a couple minutes and had to leave a review! here are some of my favorite things: 1. no ads, very refreshing 2. the tones are so calm and comforting 3. premium is very cheap and worth it, and at the same time not necessary to enjoy the app, so you can have the free version and have just as much fun 4. color customization like crazy and the customization is included with the free version!! super lovely app, i'd rate it 5 stars 100 more times if i could
    2024-01-29 07:06:50
  • It's adorable, customize able, relaxing, etc. only reason I didn't rate it 5/5 is because either to get new sounds/instruments it costs money. Not just one buck but 5 I believe. Yes I understand you guys need to make money but, I feel like it's unfair. With 5 dollars you should at least be able to buy 5 sounds or 3 at most. Other wise great!
    2024-01-28 16:31:10
  • First off, i was perplexed why an emoticon looking face was in the middle, now i understand why: it's to make this app even better! I was facinated with kalimbas, and this makes the feeling even more so xD so far, the options have nice accessibility, and for a free app have enough costumization, but if you need more, like extra tones, you can pay, which is around 4 dollars, and I'd honestly pay when i get around to it, otherwise this is the best thing for me right now
    2024-01-28 16:16:28
  • This app is so cool! I've already learnt several songs. I don't wanna buy a real kalimba to save money and honestly i don't need one. No complaints, sounds great, super high quality- pride flags are super neat, im straight but i use the rainbow one to help color code my keys. But please, dream-sexual is not real, stop being ridiculous and take that flag off. Yikes. Thats why i took my review down a star, but it really isn't a big deal. Thanks for the good app
    2024-01-28 10:24:44
  • Amazing kalimba app! Cant afford pro but it only adds other instrument sounds, which doeant bother me since i got it for the kalimba. Has no lag (at least on my device not sure about other ones), has accurate sounds and is easy to learn. Ive learnt a few easy songs on it and im finding it very fun to use. You can even go into options and change settings like markings or what labels the notes have on them. The controls are great just touch and it will play or you can set the controls to release.
    2024-01-28 05:50:12
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