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Category: Lifestyle Date:2024-01-24 13:39:01

Rating: 4.1 Tags: Parenting

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Baby Tracker Mod is a convenient app that allows you to remotely monitor your child's activities and daily habits. With cute, adorable images, you can easily keep track of your baby's development and share precious moments with loved ones. The app also helps you balance your baby's nutrient intake with preset modes for milk recipes and baby powders. It accurately tracks breastfeeding and feeding times, diaper changes, and even assesses diaper quality. Additionally, Baby Tracker Mod assists with creating sleep schedules, recording medical histories, and provides personalized parenting solutions. Take care of your baby more effectively with this comprehensive and user-friendly app.

Features of Baby Tracker Mod:

❤️ Remote monitoring: Baby Tracker allows users to remotely monitor their child's activity, providing convenience for busy parents.

❤️ Detailed records with images: Users can record and add detailed information about their child's daily habits, along with cute and lovely images. These records can be shared with loved ones.

❤️ Nutritional balance: The app offers a preset mode that helps users balance the number of nutrients in their baby's food. It also allows for the installation of milk recipes or baby powders, ensuring the baby's dietary needs are met.

❤️ Accurate tracking: Baby Tracker accurately tracks breastfeeding time and feeding time, making it easy for parents to monitor their child's eating habits. The app features a user-friendly timer that can be started and stopped with a light touch.

❤️ Comprehensive information: The app updates continuously, providing clear summaries of the last diaper change, feedings, and solids. It also records the brand and quality of diapers used. Additionally, it offers information and quick responses to common baby problems.

❤️ Organized memories: Baby Tracker helps users organize and find their baby's first moments and experiences. Users can create custom categories and add photos to albums, making it easy to look back on memorable milestones.

In conclusion, Baby Tracker is a helpful and user-friendly app that allows parents to remotely monitor their child's activity and record important information about their daily habits. With features like nutritional balance, accurate tracking, and organized memories, the app provides convenience and support for parents in taking care of their babies. Download now to take care of your baby in a scientific and effective way.

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File size: 47.00 M Latest Version: 4.44.0

Requirements: Android Language: English

Votes: 118 Package ID: com.wachanga.babycare

Developer: Amila


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  • The only use I have for this app is to quickly glance at how long it's been between feeding. Both the time and how long it's been have been on screen until a recent update, then suddenly it only shows the time. Been a buggy in the past and everytime I reinstall it, it clears all my info (you would think signing in would save that data). Might just uninstall and use the same app my wife uses to keep track of everything, which reminds me, data sharing with this app is not very useful either.
    2024-01-29 20:00:10
  • App has lots of potential. Doesn't update on linked device, bought the full app twice
    2024-01-29 08:05:56
  • I think the worst thing is that this app is paid. From a coloured excel spreadsheet that you have to populate on your own I'd expect at least: Not to crash so much Not to miss to sync the input from the second user To have some downloadable data that enables easy analytics To show averages of every metric For a weak we've been using Napper and their predictive algorithm is terribly accurate when it comes to naps.
    2024-01-28 08:39:35
  • Good but the charts don't have the option to show a selected date range and only show monthly data, separate for each month. This makes tracking annoying and impossible.
    2024-01-28 06:27:32
  • This app it's absolutely perfect! Very complete and easy to use, there is everything you need and you don't need to go premium to access most of the content. I usually never buy apps or pay for the premium but in this case I'm so happy with it that I really wanted to give a little support for to the developers, absolutely deserved! If you are a parent that need to keep records of feeding, sleeping ecc.. you definitely want to download this app.
    2024-01-27 19:36:21
  • I have tried a few apps to find this one for my newborn feeding tracking. I just want something to track feeding and I want to do it quickly. I only need 10 seconds Todo so here. The UI interface is great! One thing I love about is that I don't have to enter starting time for bottle feeding. It's a waste of time for me.
    2024-01-27 12:58:43
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