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Category: Lifestyle Date:2024-01-24 13:33:01

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Design your dream room with Room Planner Mod, the ultimate tool for creating harmonious and stylish spaces. With a vast selection of furniture and endless design options, you can easily customize your room in stunning 2D or 3D views. Whether you're looking to renovate or simply redecorate, Room Planner has everything you need to bring your vision to life. Plus, you can share your designs with others or even collaborate with professionals to make your dream a reality. Download now to start visualizing your ideal home and unlock a world of unlimited design possibilities.

Features of Room Planner Mod:

- Design and visualize your ideal house: The Room Planner app allows you to design and visualize your dream house in 2D or 3D perspectives, giving you a better sense of how it will appear in reality.

- Wide range of furniture options: With Room Planner, you have access to an impressive selection of furniture from well-known companies. You can change everything in the image, from the wall color to the furniture arrangement, to create the perfect look for your room.

- Easy sharing and collaboration: Share your home design ideas with your spouse, roommate, or contractor with ease. The app makes it simple to collaborate and get input from others by sharing your designs like playing a game.

- Endless customization possibilities: Start with one of the app's suggested ideas or design your own room from scratch. You can adjust the shape and size of rooms, add new products in any position you want, and continuously tweak and review your designs until you're satisfied.

- Realistic visuals and renderings: The app allows you to study your house from all angles and take realistic photographs, bringing your vision to life. You can see the harmony of your room in 3D and even export your ideas to high-definition images to share with others or with professionals who will build your room.

- Unlimited resources and offline capability: With Room Planner, you have access to a comprehensive furniture catalog with -000 pieces to choose from. Additionally, the app can be used both online and offline, so you can create your room anywhere, even without a network connection.

In conclusion, Room Planner is a feature-rich app that empowers users to design and visualize their ideal rooms or houses with high precision. The wide range of furniture options, easy sharing and collaboration, endless customization possibilities, realistic visuals and renderings, unlimited resources, and offline capability make it a must-have tool for anyone looking to decorate or renovate their living space.

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File size: 878.00 M Latest Version: 1175

Requirements: Android Language: English

Votes: 326 Package ID: com.androeed.installer_com.icandesignapp.all

Developer: iCanDesign LLC


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