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Carly - OBD2 Car Scanner Mod

Category: Tools Date:2024-01-22 13:36:01

Rating: 4.3 Tags: Health

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Carly - OBD2 Car Scanner Mod is an easy-to-use app that allows you to access all the data on your car quickly and efficiently. With highly accurate diagnostics and the ability to read control units, you can track the status of your vehicle and detect any unexpected problems. Whether you need maintenance, repairs, or want to check the health and durability of a car before purchasing, Carly - OBD2 Car Scanner Mod has got you covered. Save time and money by taking advantage of all the functions included in this app and enjoy a higher quality car experience.

Features of Carly - OBD2 Car Scanner Mod:

* Access to all car data: The app allows users to quickly and easily access all the data on their car, ensuring that they are fully informed about its health and any potential issues.

* Accurate diagnostics: Carly – OBD2 Car Scanner provides highly accurate diagnostics, allowing users to read all control units in their vehicle. This ensures that any unexpected problems can be detected and corrected in a timely manner.

* Support for all car manufacturers: The app is compatible with all car manufacturers worldwide, including Audi, BMW, Mercedes, and others. This wide range of compatibility gives users plenty of options to choose from based on their specific vehicle make and model.

* Expert mechanics at your fingertips: Carly – OBD2 Car Scanner helps users understand the error codes their vehicle is making and provides specific reasons for each cause. It even offers methods to help fix and improve the car in the best and safest way possible.

* Complete car maintenance and review: The app allows users to analyze their car's engine and exhaust systems, change and upgrade the battery, and even change the oil. All of these maintenance tasks can be done directly on the phone, saving time and money.

* Avoid buying unreliable cars: Carly – OBD2 Car Scanner assists users in checking the reliability and condition of cars before purchasing. It helps users avoid buying old cars that may not guarantee safety or have lost important functions.


Carly – OBD2 Car Scanner Mod is an easy-to-use app that offers a range of features to help users maintain their vehicles and ensure their safety on the road. With its ability to access all car data, provide accurate diagnostics, and support various car brands, this app is a valuable tool for any car owner. By using Carly – OBD2 Car Scanner, users can save time and money on car maintenance while enjoying a higher-quality driving experience. Click the link to download and start optimizing your car's performance today.

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File size: 76.00 M Latest Version: 91.64

Requirements: Android Language: English

Votes: 302 Package ID: com.iViNi.bmwhatLite

Developer: Carly Solutions GmbH & Co KG


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  • I bought the adaptor first, but then found out I had to purchase the paid app as well, then found out it's not a one off payment but a yearly subscription. I am part of an M5 group and several people have this and recommended it, but when they bought theirs it was a one off fee for life, which is better for the likes of me. I am a private user and will use it once in a while, but a yearly charge makes this a very expensive bit of kit, especially when you need to buy theor adaptor that is also expensive. For me there are much cheaper options, I will buy a cheap adaptor and use bimmer code instead, such a shame.
    2024-01-26 10:50:10
  • Used to be good, but sneaky auto renewal and outright refusal to refund when it was clearly their fault for poorly deceptive wording and placement of the word "subscription" only on one document at the time lead to my bank issuing a forced refund after 7 weeks of investigation. Be wary about this as Carly admin team will not help you at all and will instead be passive aggressive and emails. It's a shame because before this new scheme the app used to be good.
    2024-01-25 13:58:24
  • I don't recommend getting the Carly obd reader . You buy the gadget and then they keep adding prices on to use this gadget . You can get similar readers on Ali baba without the extra costs .
    2024-01-25 02:50:20
  • Doesn't come close to autels AP200C.. After reading other reviews It really puts into perspective what you guys are up to. Update the functionality or crash & burn. If you're reading my review while searching for some sort of guidance look up one of these two scan tools. TopDon & Autel AP200C. They actually care & in my experience TopDon is everything these guys claim they are!
    2024-01-24 13:34:55
  • It doesn't work with the BMW i4. Great with all my previous BMW's, however with this EV it can't diagnose faults or code modules.
    2024-01-24 09:04:00
  • You buy the full version only to find they have gone to a monthly fee so you need to pay again. What a waste of money that was
    2024-01-24 05:17:06
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