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Calculate building materials for any structure with the Construction Calculator app. From houses to garages, this app is perfect for determining the amount of materials needed for masonry work. Not only does it calculate for quadrilateral structures, but it also works for structures of any shape and configuration. You can choose between standard and non-standard bricks or blocks and even select different methods of laying them. With separate windows for openings and walls, this app provides accurate calculations for volume, number of bricks, cement or glue needed, and sand quantity. Best of all, it works offline so you don't need an internet connection. Get started today and simplify your construction projects!

Features of the Construction Calculator App:

- Calculates building materials for various structures: This app is not limited to just houses, but can calculate materials for cottages, bathhouses, garages, and any other structure that has identical opposite sides.

- Calculates structures of any shape and configuration: Unlike other calculators, this app is versatile and can calculate materials for structures of any shape and configuration, not just quadrangular ones.

- Calculates individual walls and partitions: In addition to calculating the main structure, this app can also calculate partitions, pediments, fences, and any other individual walls, both external and internal.

- Takes into account various methods of laying blocks: The app considers different methods of laying blocks, including both with glue and with cement mortar. This ensures accurate calculations based on the chosen method.

- Includes dimensions of windows, doors, and openings: The app provides a separate window where users can enter the dimensions of windows, doors, and other openings. These measurements are then used in the calculations of materials.

- Provides comprehensive data on materials: After completing the calculation, the app displays essential data on the screen, including the masonry volume, the number of bricks or blocks required, the amount of cement or glue needed, and the quantity of sand required.


The Construction Calculator App is a user-friendly and versatile tool that enables users to easily calculate the required building materials for various structures. Whether it's a house, cottage, bathhouse, garage, or any other quadrangular or non-quadrangular shape, this app can accurately calculate the materials needed. It takes into account different methods of laying blocks and allows users to input the dimensions of windows, doors, and openings, resulting in precise calculations. With the convenience of offline usage and no requirement of an internet connection, this app is a must-have for anyone involved in construction projects. Click now to download and make your construction planning simpler and more efficient.

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File size: 3.00 M Latest Version: 9.2

Requirements: Android Language: English

Votes: 47 Package ID: com.mrCherno.mysecondapp

Developer: Олег Чернов

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