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Introducing Bibabo, the first pure Vietnamese application designed to cater to the needs of modern women during motherhood. This all-in-one app covers pregnancy & childbirth, parenting, self-care, and family. With over 1000 articles on pregnancy, caring for children under 1 year of age, and contraceptives, Bibabo offers useful tools for users. Special features include an Election Assistant to track your fetus's daily development, a Neonatal Assistant to monitor your child's health, a Menstrual Schedule to track your cycle and reproductive health, and more. Join the largest community about childhood and family, where over 500,000 members share experiences and ask questions on various topics. With Bibabo, you can also shop trusted products and services thanks to their team of experts and doctors who evaluate the community. Download Bibabo now to get immediate support for your motherhood journey! Contact their user support team via phone, email, or visit their website or Facebook page for more information.

This app, Bibabo, is a comprehensive Vietnamese application designed specifically for modern women during motherhood. It offers several outstanding features that cater to the needs of expecting and new mothers.

- Special Use of Us:

- The app provides over 1000 articles on various topics such as pregnancy, childcare, contraceptives, and self-care, offering useful tools for users.

- Features like the Election Assistant help users keep track of their fetus' daily development during pregnancy and remind them of any issues of concern.

- The Neonatal Assistant allows users to monitor their child's health and provides knowledge on raising children under one year of age.

- The Menstrual Schedule feature helps users track their menstrual cycle and reproductive health, predict ovulation days, and make informed decisions regarding conception rates or contraceptives.

- Additional features include BMI tracking, the option to ask doctors for advice, online learning with experts, and access to the largest community about childhood and family.

- The Largest Community about Childhood and Family:

- This app boasts a community of more than -000 members who can ask questions and share experiences on various topics related to health, education, family, and life.

- Users can join knowledge-sharing groups such as those for having children, getting pregnant, breastfeeding, early education, and baby's health.

- The app also provides options for group meetings, entertainment, and making friends with features like the Birth of the Same Month, Diary for Children, Sister News, Reading the Newspaper with You, Reading Love Stories, and Showbiz Eight Stories.

- Trustworthy Online Shop:

- Bibabo offers a diverse range of products and services that are certified by their own team of experts and doctors who evaluate the community of -000 wise parents.

- The app assures users of reliable, prestigious, and trustworthy products and services.

- With a policy of consulting, warranty, return, and a consistent after-sales service, the app ensures a satisfactory user experience.

In conclusion, Bibabo is an all-in-one app that meets the specific needs of modern Vietnamese women during motherhood. With its special features, access to a large community, and a trustworthy online shop, the app offers a comprehensive platform to assist users in various aspects of pregnancy, childcare, self-care, and family matters. Click the download button now to experience the benefits of Bibabo. For users' support, they can contact Bibabo through their hotline, email, or visit their website or fan page.

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File size: 4.32 M Latest Version: 2.7.29

Requirements: Android Language: English

Votes: 49 Package ID: vn.bibabo.android

Developer: Bibabo

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