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TalkingParents is the ultimate co-parenting communication app for families in any situation. Whether you're divorced, separated, or never legally married, our app allows parents to easily communicate about their children. With a range of features including secure messaging, accountable calling, a shared calendar, and accountable payments, TalkingParents is the most comprehensive co-parenting solution on the market. Our app also offers a user-friendly Records system, allowing co-parents to easily request certified copies of their communications for court. With our Free, Standard, and Premium Plans, all parents can find the support they need. Join the TalkingParents community today and focus on what matters most -- raising your children. Download now!

Features of TalkingParents app:

- Secure Messaging: Co-parents can send timestamped, unalterable messages to each other. This allows them to keep track of when each message was sent or viewed.

- Accountable Calling: Co-parents can make recorded video or phone calls without disclosing their phone numbers to each other. This ensures accountability in communication.

- Shared Calendar: Co-parents can manage custody schedules and coordinate appointments easily. This feature helps them stay in sync and avoid conflicts.

- Accountable Payments: Co-parents can keep track of all shared parenting expenses. They can easily make payment requests and securely send or receive money through the app.

- Unalterable Records: TalkingParents has a standalone feature that allows co-parents to request electronically certified PDF records or printed records directly from the website. This simplifies legal proceedings and makes evidence gathering easy for attorneys as well.

- Plans for all financial standings: TalkingParents offers free, standard, and premium plans. This allows parents of all financial standings to use their co-parenting service.


TalkingParents is an all-inclusive co-parenting communication app that provides essential features for effective communication and coordination between co-parents. The app offers secure messaging, accountable calling, a shared calendar, accountable payments, and unalterable records. With its user-friendly interface and accessible plans, TalkingParents has become a trusted platform for over half a million families. By providing support and peace-of-mind, it helps parents focus on what matters most - raising their children.

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File size: 94.84 M Latest Version: 6.0.6

Requirements: Android Language: English

Votes: 44 Package ID: com.talkingparents.tpandroid



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  • This app is completely mediocre. It does nothing well. Everything is just ok, and somethings are actually done poorly.
    2024-01-04 18:48:32
  • App crashes or videocalls don't go through... can't believe this is the app that the judge appointed us to use for communication.. it's worthless. I keep having issues after issues, when all I'm trying to do is video call with my daughters. Horrible experience.. I hope they can fix the issues, because I have to be paying even for the minutes I'm not even talking to my girls??? I'd give 0 stars if I could!
    2024-01-04 05:50:03
  • Worst app choice on the planet. During the nights of my custody calls, the video calls never go through (on both sides) and we waste about 20 Mins troubleshooting until somehow magically, the video call connects. The answer is clear; there's a huge market for divorced families and talking parents jumped in to milk the financial loss of divorced parents, rather creating an app that helps mom and dad in an otherwise difficult and extremely traumatic time in their lives. Do not use this.
    2024-01-02 01:49:06
  • Terrible. Constantly have to sign back in and it's laggy
    2023-12-31 16:30:11
  • Love the app! This has been a very useful tool when it comes to documenting information. One suggestion: I would personally rate this 5 stars if the titles of messages had a character limit. With my current situation, the other party uses the titles to force me to read negative and disparaging comments. These are long, exhausting titles and can trigger emotions without being able to prepare for it.
    2023-12-29 15:18:44
  • This app was working great for a couple years but is now having issues. I primarily use my phone and did not receive notifications for a time until finding that I missed messages from the other parent. I updated the app and it was okay for a couple days. Today, I can't open the app as it says that it needs updating again but there are no updates available. Currently walking on eggshells checking for messages over the browser... Please fix this.
    2023-12-27 13:48:37
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