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Clash of Clans: Tips to Conquer Clashiversary Challenge #3

Published:2023-08-16 17:06:12Source:JuxiaAuthor:Juxia

In the current August 2023 season of Clash of Clans, the game is celebrating its eleventh anniversary with the "clash to the future" theme. The third challenge of the season, Clashiversary Project #3, is now live. This challenge introduces the Future Queen skin and presents an intriguing base layout that players must conquer to achieve a flawless three-star attack. As devoted Clash of Clans players, we have developed effective strategies to help you secure a clear 3-star victory in this new Clashiversary Challenge #3.

Clash of Clans: Tips to Conquer Clashiversary Challenge #3

Introduction to Clash of Clans Clashiversary Challenge #3

The Clashiversary Challenge #3, created by Yuta14, features an interesting base design that includes Town Hall 15 and a formidable defense system. Completing this challenge is a true test for players. To succeed, players must strategize carefully with the troops provided and aim to earn 3 stars for the ultimate reward.

The Rewards for Achieving 3 Stars in the Third Challenge include 400 EXPs, 25 Gems, and 1x Power Potion.

How to Beat Clashiversary Challenge #2 in Clash of Clans

To begin the challenge, players should first send in the queen towards the town hall. If players are not familiar with Queen charges, it may take a few attempts to succeed. Start by releasing one sneaky Goblin at each corner of the base, ensuring they run straight towards the storage at the bottom. Next, deploy a Giant at the bottom right corner to lure the defense, then place the Valkyrie between the bottom two gold storages and use your poison spell.

As the Valkyrie and Hog Rider pass through the poison, it will also weaken the Ice Golems. Afterward, deploy the Queen to the right of the Tesla at the bottom left corner, followed by 5 Healers and the player's Apprentice Warden. By the time the players reach this point, the Rage Tower should have expired. Once the Dark Elixir Drill or storage is destroyed, place a rage spell on top of the Queen.

Even if the Healers are not initially raged, the Queen will still receive support as she moves forward. Use the invisibility spell when the invisibility spell tower appears, causing the Queen to turn left. The Queen and Healers will remain invisible and follow her towards the three o'clock Tesla. If the left single Target Inferno targets the Queen, freeze it and deploy the Headhunter.

Once the battle progresses, whether the battle drill pops or not and moves towards the second single Target Inferno, use Ice Golems if it's already popped. If it hasn't, send the Headhunter from the top right side to assist and use the rage spell as the Queen enters the base. Utilize another rage spell to boost the Queen and Healers when needed, and use the invisibility spell once she attacks the town hall to keep them hidden.

Release 5 Balloons from the top left side targeting the single Inferno, followed by the skeleton spell to take it down. Check if the Queen is being targeted by a single Target Inferno, if not, send in the sneaky Goblins from the right side. Use a freeze spell if the Queen is in danger, and if not, proceed with deploying a Giant at the top followed by a Hog Rider. Keep an eye on the Queen and use spells accordingly. Place the Giant next to the left Tesla and freeze it. Focus on the Queen and use freeze spells or other spells to protect the balloons.

If possible, bring down the base quickly, but always prioritize keeping the Queen alive. Use freeze and invisibility spells if necessary to overcome the final section of the base. By following these detailed steps, players can easily achieve 3 stars in Clashiversary Challenge #3 and earn exciting rewards.

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