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Galaxy Attack: Shooting Game

Category: Action Date:2023-08-07 09:30:52

Rating: 4.5 Tags: Arcade

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Earth is under attack from alien swarms and it's up to the player to take control of a lone spaceship and protect the planet. The goal is to save the universe from its evil enemies in this challenging space shooting game. Players will face an increasing number of infinity galaxy enemies and can upgrade their spacecraft to unleash its full lethal capacity. The game features multiplayer modes, high-quality images optimized for tablets and large screens, active skills during space battles, 160 levels of varying difficulties, immersive missions, extreme boss battles, and the ability to upgrade guns and lasers. This classic space combat arcade shooting game can be downloaded now.

The content describes a game called "Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter" and highlights the following advantages:

- Control of the lones spaceship: Players have the opportunity to take control of a lone spaceship, which becomes Earth's last hope for protection against alien swarms.

- Challenging goal: The goal of the game is to save the Universe from its evil enemies, making it a highly challenging task for players.

- Increasingly large number of enemies: Players will face an increasing number of enemies from the infinity galaxy as the game progresses, keeping the gameplay dynamic and engaging.

- Upgrades for the spacecraft: The game allows players to upgrade their spacecraft, enabling them to unleash its full lethal capacity and improve their chances of success.

- Multiplayer mode: The game offers a multiplayer mode where players can compete in 1vs1 or 1vs3 battles, adding a competitive edge to the gameplay experience.

- Beautiful graphics and immersive missions: The game features high-quality images optimized for tablets and large screens. It also offers beautiful levels with immersive missions to complete, providing an enhanced visual and gameplay experience.

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File size: 196.90 M Latest Version: 45.3

Requirements: Android Language: English

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