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Merge Master: Dream Creative

Category: Puzzle Date:2024-06-11 09:27:01

Rating: 4.3 Tags: Sports

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Merge Master: Dream Creative is a captivating leisure game that takes you on a journey alongside Catherine and her lively companions as they transform a dilapidated house into a stunning villa. When Catherine returns to her childhood home, she is shocked to find it in ruins, filled with debris and tumbleweeds. But she is determined to turn this forgotten place into a chic modern villa. With just a swipe of your finger, merge items and unlock a plethora of new and innovative buildings. Build the trendiest villa on a large map and create a unique space that fulfills your design dreams. Discover over 320 items, from sports cars to private cinemas, and experience thrilling events and tasks as you help Catherine on this exciting adventure. With its exquisite artistic style and relaxing music, Merge Master provides the perfect escape to unwind and unleash your creativity.

Features of Merge Master: Dream Creative:

> Captivating Gameplay: Merge Master: Dream Creative offers a captivating leisure game experience that combines exquisite aesthetics with imaginative gameplay. Join Catherine and her companions on a journey to transform a derelict dwelling into a bespoke villa from scratch.

> Easy-to-Use Swipe Mechanism: Start merging items with just a swipe of your finger across the screen. This intuitive swipe mechanic makes it easy for anyone to play and enjoy the game.

> Innovative and Environmental Focus: Embrace the concept of recycling and reusing in this game. Everything in the derelict dwelling can be recycled and transformed into new and innovative buildings. Build a new-age, eco-friendly villa in this new era.

> Massive Collection of Items: Discover over 320 thrilling items to merge in Merge Master: Dream Creative. From chic sports cars to private cinemas, and from humble seeds to thriving orchards, there is a wide range of items to unlock and merge. Anticipate even more surprises as you progress further in the game.

> Manage and Build: Unlock different buildings and earn rich rewards by collecting materials and fulfilling orders. Take charge of your own business and make your villa a cutting-edge masterpiece.

> Engaging Events and Friends: Engage in thrilling random events and complete various tasks alongside Catherine. Interact with friends and make lasting connections in the game.


Merge Master: Dream Creative is an easy-to-start, yet captivating leisure game that offers a unique blend of aesthetics and gameplay. The innovative and environmental focus, along with a massive collection of items, allows players to unleash their creativity and design their dream villa. With engaging events and the ability to manage and build their own business, players can enjoy a fulfilling experience while connecting with friends. The exquisite artistic style and soothing music provide the perfect escape, making Merge Master: Dream Creative a must-play game for anyone seeking relaxation and entertainment. Click now to download and embark on a journey of creativity and design!

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File size: 97.47 M Latest Version: 1.5.6

Requirements: Android Language: English

Votes: 240 Package ID: com.mybogames.mergemaster



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