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Let’s Survive - Survival game

Category: Role playing Date:2024-04-17 09:45:01

Rating: 4.1 Tags: Action

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Welcome to Let's Survive, the ultimate offline survival game that will test your skills in a post-apocalyptic world filled with zombies, mutants, and danger. As the last survivor in this zombie invasion, your only goal is to stay alive. Scavenge for resources and craft weapons to fortify your shelter and defend yourself against hordes of bloodthirsty creatures. But survival is not just about fighting zombies; you must also manage your health, hunger, thirst, and radiation levels. Complete quests, join survival factions, and interact with other survivors to increase your chances of staying alive. Explore new locations, unlock secrets, and defeat powerful bosses to obtain rare loot. Whether you choose to play stealthily or go all out in a battle against the undead, Let's Survive offers a thrilling experience that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime and prove that you have what it takes to survive the apocalypse!

Features of Let’s Survive - Survival game:

> RPG Survival Game: Immerse yourself in a post-apocalyptic world filled with zombies, mutants, and thugs. Survive at all costs by monitoring your character's health, hunger, thirst, and radiation levels.

> Crafting and Base Building: Build and fortify your own shelter with strong walls, while crafting a variety of weapons and armor to defend against enemies. Create a safe zone, cook food, and construct barricades to ensure your survival.

> Complete Adventure Quests: Follow the storyline and complete quests to earn additional resources. Each quest presents unique challenges and rewards, such as holding out for a day in a specific location.

> Chat with Other Survivors: Join different leagues and chat with other survivors to combat loneliness. Work together to increase your chances of survival and receive bonuses from your chosen faction.

> Fight Bosses: Encounter powerful bosses that pose a greater threat. Defeat them to obtain rare and valuable loot, but be prepared to face an onslaught of bloodthirsty zombies in the process.

> Stealth Mode and Vehicles: Choose between stealthily avoiding detection from highly alert zombies or aggressively clearing the land. Explore different locations using cars, boats, and other vehicles to navigate the wasteland faster.


Let's Survive offers an immersive RPG survival experience in a post-apocalyptic world ravaged by zombies and other threats. With features such as crafting, base building, completing quests, chatting with other survivors, fighting bosses, utilizing stealth or aggression, and the option to use various vehicles, players can expect a thrilling and challenging gameplay. Download now and prove yourself as the last survivor capable of outliving the apocalypse.

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File size: 165.33 M Latest Version: 1.8.6

Requirements: Android Language: English

Votes: 100 Package ID: lets.survive.apocalypse.survival



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  • Been playing this game for a week, it's one of the best offline games I have ever come across on playstore , it's vivid storyline, the amazing graphics and the amazing controls makes it a bizzarre offline game , don't jst stand there , you want me to explain all the details? I rate it 5/5 it's pretty awesome, trust me , u will enjoy it,, press the button
    2024-04-21 20:40:11
  • I disliked the graphics and too much ads for purchasing and without purchases u just can't play.There's not even enough space in the crates.I deleted the game right after I sensed it is too hard to even start the game.other games seemed easier to get started.also didn't like how the character moves and all...it appeared as low quality and graphic to me even with high graphics turned on.
    2024-04-21 14:20:32
  • Excellent Game! Hats off to the programmers of the game. One thing I wish this game had is the day and night factor where it be day for certain period and night for certain period of time respectively. If the tools and equipments could occupy one slot like the food and other stuff that will be great and let there be two options where the whole game is offline and multiplayer option is only online.
    2024-04-21 02:08:45
  • After updated my working table can't open ... I want to made the wooden board but can't made it now and then this item also can't get it in any place..
    2024-04-20 23:20:18
  • This game is really impressive. I've played it past few months before. I downloaded it again recently and saw some changes like zombie invasion to your base, broken convey.... I've finished playing it again and have repair my vehicle. Only waiting for the next update to continue. Good work guys. I'm really sorry for someone that have not played this game before
    2024-04-20 03:10:50
  • Terrible. You pay 1.99 plus tax to resurrect just to die over and over. There's only 6 missions total. And 6 places to visit. Controls are qlitchy and sound and music cuts off randomly. It's repetitive & not exciting. You can pay 7.99 plus tax for VIP VIP gets you nothing but unlimited energy. I reached out via email to the creators for a refund. This game is trash.
    2024-04-20 00:39:55
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