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Puzzle Vehicles for Kids

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If your toddlers are fascinated by construction trucks and oversized vehicles, then Puzzle Vehicles for Kids is the perfect app to teach them about different types of construction vehicles through educational puzzles and challenges. Your little boys and girls can run their own mechanic garage where they will learn how to assemble, disassemble, and repair various construction vehicles. They can also have fun driving the repaired vehicles in a hypercasual side-scrolling "jump and run" race. With shape recognition puzzles and the opportunity to clean and repair different parts of the vehicles, this app provides an engaging and educational experience for kids who love trucks and construction vehicles. So, let your kids explore Trucks & Cars Puzzle and have hours of fun while learning about these fascinating machines.

Features of Puzzle Vehicles for Kids:

- Educational puzzles and challenges: The app allows toddlers to learn about different types of construction vehicles through engaging puzzles and challenges.

- Mechanics garage simulation: Kids can run their own mechanic garage in the app, where they can learn how to assemble, disassemble, and repair various construction vehicles.

- Shape recognition puzzles: The app includes shape recognition puzzles that help kids learn the shapes of different trucks and vehicles.

- Vehicle repair and cleaning: Kids can repair and clean various parts of the vehicles in the app, including tires, body, and engine.

- Driving game: The app also includes a side-scrolling driving game where toddlers can drive the repaired trucks on the road.

- Kid-friendly interface: The app is designed with a super kid-friendly interface, making it easy for toddlers to navigate and enjoy the activities.


With engaging puzzles, a mechanics garage simulation, shape recognition activities, and a driving game, Puzzle Vehicles for Kids provides hours of entertainment while also promoting learning. The app's user-friendly interface and wide range of features make it an ideal choice for toddlers who love trucks and want to explore the world of construction vehicles. Download this app now to give your little ones a fun and educational gaming experience.

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File size: 119.63 M Latest Version: 1.1.181

Requirements: Android Language: English

Votes: 307 Package ID: com.kids.repair.cars.build.construct.trucks.rocky.


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