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Category: Puzzle Date:2024-04-17 09:41:30

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Fruits & Vegetables Carakuato is a fantastic educational app designed to help children expand their vocabulary and develop healthy eating habits. Packed with engaging activities, this game invites young kids and babies to explore the world of fruits and vegetables while having a blast. By playing fun games that focus on shapes, colors, sizes, and memory, children not only learn about different fruits and veggies but also strengthen their cognitive skills. What sets Fruits & Vegetables Carakuato apart is its random element placement, which cultivates cognitive flexibility, while the app's association and abstraction components make learning an enjoyable and free experience. Get ready for a delightful journey of learning and play!

Features of Fruits & Vegetables Carakuato:

⭐️ Educational game for kids: The app is designed specifically for children to help them learn about fruits and vegetables while having fun.

⭐️ Vocabulary and eating concepts: The app teaches kids new words related to fruits and vegetables and also promotes healthy eating habits.

⭐️ Multiple educational activities: The app includes various activities that engage children in learning, such as shapes, colors, sizes, and memory games.

⭐️ Reinforces memory: Through the activities and games, children can strengthen their memory skills while learning about fruits and vegetables.

⭐️ Random elements: The app ensures that the order and position of the elements in the activities are randomized, promoting cognitive flexibility in children.

⭐️ Fun and free: Fruits & Vegetables Carakuato fruits and vegetables offers a fun and enjoyable learning experience for children, and it is available for free.


With Fruits & Vegetables Carakuato, children can learn and expand their vocabulary while developing healthy eating habits. The app provides a range of engaging and educational activities that promote memory, cognitive flexibility, and learning through play. Download the app now to make learning about fruits and vegetables an enjoyable experience for your child.

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File size: 18.06 M Latest Version: v4.3.1

Requirements: Android Language: English

Votes: 100 Package ID: com.awaralabs.carakuato



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