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Triple Fantasy - 500 summons

Category: Role playing Date:2024-04-17 09:18:01

Rating: 4.4 Tags: Strategy

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Triple Fantasy is a tactical card game that offers triple the fun with its unique gameplay. As a new user, you'll receive 500 free summons as a welcome-gift. Complete missions to earn Mythic Cards and enhance your deck. This game has been selected by Google editors as the top tactical card game. With cute pixel heroes and deep tactics, Triple Fantasy combines adorable designs with strong stats, making for an unexpected amusement. Unlike other gacha games, Triple Fantasy focuses on turn-based strategy battles instead of cash purchases. Collect over 300 pixel art heroes, including popular legends like Sun Wukong and Thor, and use them to strategize and defeat monsters. Whether you're a fan of strategy games or RPGs, it offers endless tactics and can be enjoyed with just one hand. Download now and join the fun!

Features of Triple Fantasy - 500 summons:

* Free welcome-gifts for new users: Get 500 free summons and earn Mythic Cards by completing missions.

* Google's Pick: This tactical card game has been selected by Google editors as a top choice.

* Cute pixel heroes but deep tactics: Enjoy adorable pixel graphics combined with deep strategy gameplay.

* A card collecting game with unique dot characters: Collect over 300 pixel art heroes, including well-known legends.

* A TCG simply played with only one hand: Play this card game easily with one hand, anytime and anywhere.

* Various contents that will never go boring: Explore different game modes and challenges, such as PVP battles and monster dungeons.


Triple Fantasy is a highly recommended tactical card game that offers a unique and enjoyable gaming experience. With free gifts for new users, cute pixel heroes, and deep tactical gameplay, this game will keep you entertained for hours. Collect over 300 unique cards, participate in thrilling battles, and enjoy various game modes. Download now and join the community of Triple Fantasy players!

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File size: 815.78 M Latest Version: 7.56.0

Requirements: Android Language: English

Votes: 304 Package ID: com.Gameplete.CardFantasy



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  • Great game ! Not a lot of forums or big English community outside the game. But I have been playing for a while now and I love it. Not gonna lie the prices are a bit higher then other games but that my only negative point. Rocket Medics is the only youtube channel that does tutorials. Its a small channel but he is getting stuff out. I hope this game keeps on growing!!
    2024-04-20 22:37:08
  • Nice & fun pixel RPG card game. Would give it 5 stars if it wasn't buggy in some areas. For example, after getting an in-game achievement it asks me to accept Google Play Games permissions thus making me NOT get the achievement! Kinda choked about this.
    2024-04-20 18:09:23
  • Price settings is ridiculous. Lots of card are not interesting for having them in deck, only as placeholders. Repetitive, you need to grind a lot. Most events are not special enought to be interesting. But, beautifull graphics and user friendly controls
    2024-04-20 10:44:39
  • Fantastic game. Loving the match and swap mechanic. Love the graphics and game play. This is a keeper. True to my word still a keeper. Just an additional comment. 1000 coins for card or 10 blue diamond is good but when it's 9000 coins or 90 diamonds for 9 cards it would a nice if it was 8000 coins and 80 diamonds for 9 cards, as everyone likes a deal especial when you save them up for a free one. I hope like most players I've watched adverts spent a little real currency. Still loving it.
    2024-04-19 16:50:39
  • This game is just straight up fun. I like the small amounts of strategy balanced with good progression. I've had it since it basically came out and I'm still playing you girly. There are NO ads <3! I decided to spend a little money to support the dev. Thanks for the fun experience!
    2024-04-19 07:06:23
  • EDIT: Saw some of the other reviews, and I will add this: 1. I've never spent a dime on this game (sorry guys, I've got kids!) and I see no problems. Would I have more legend cards if I spent? Sure! Still other free ways to get them. 2. Ads? Am I missing something here, as I have never seen one. One of the few games that has stood the test of time for me. Unique gameplay has had me hooked for over a year now.
    2024-04-19 04:59:37
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