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Little Panda: Princess Makeup

Category: Puzzle Date:2023-08-04 17:18:05

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Little Panda: Princess Salon is a game where players can become the exclusive makeup artist for the princesses. They can create perfect looks for the princesses by putting on makeup, designing hairstyles, and matching clothes. The game starts with a facial, where players clean the princess's face, put on a mask, and wash her hair. Then they can get creative and design a hairstyle for her. After that, players can apply party makeup for the princess, choosing a pair of purple contact lenses and using an orange eyeshadow as a highlight. They can also decorate the princess's hands with glitter nail polishes and gemstones. Finally, players can pick the right clothes for the princess, such as a puffy dress, an elegant blue dress, a purple camisole dress, or a pink lady's dress. They can also add accessories like a tiara, a pearl necklace, and shell earrings. The game features different skin tones, three themes (shopping, party, and vacation), 96 costumes, and 100 makeup tools to choose from. It also supports offline play. Little Panda: Princess Salon aims to spark kids' creativity, imagination, and curiosity and offers educational content for children ages 0-8. BabyBus, the developer of the game, has released over 200 children's apps, over 2500 episodes of nursery rhymes and animations, and over 9000 stories.

The game "Little Panda: Princess Salon" offers six advantages:

- Exclusive Makeup Artist: Players can become the exclusive makeup artist for the princesses and showcase their talents.

- Create Perfect Looks: Players can put on makeup, design hairstyles, and match clothes to create perfect looks for the princesses.

- Beauty Spa: Players can start by giving the princesses a facial, putting on a mask, and washing their hair. They can then get creative and design a hairstyle for them.

- Attractive Makeup: Players can apply party makeup for the princesses, including using colored contact lenses and eyeshadow to make their eyes sparkle. They can finish the look with rosy and pink lipstick for a refreshing and natural ball look.

- Hand Decoration: Players can decorate the princesses' hands using glitter nail polishes and gemstones to make their nails sparkle.

- Dress Up: Players can pick the right clothes for the princesses, such as puffy dresses, elegant dresses, camisole dresses, and lady's dresses. They can also choose accessories like tiaras, pearl necklaces, and shell earrings.

The game features 96 costumes and 100 makeup tools to choose from, offline play, and the ability to dress up the princesses as desired.

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