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Category: Card Date:2024-04-02 15:39:02

Rating: 4.5

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Introducing the Werewolf -In a Cloudy Village- app for Werewolf games! This app is perfect for remote play and supports voice chat tools like Zoom. With the free voting rule, voting during the daytime reflects the players' will. All roles are designed to operate their phones the same way, preventing identification by device usage at night. Save game events with the playlog feature and understand your strengths and weaknesses by saving your battle record. Play as various roles such as Werewolf, Madman, Dancer, and more! Customize the game with configurable rules like Omen and Soulmates. Vote freely outside the app and choose the person with the most votes. Download now and enhance your Werewolf game experience!

Features of Werewolf -In a Cloudy Village-:

- Acts as a game master for werewolf games.

- Supports remote play using voice chat tools like Zoom.

- Voting during daytime follows the free voting rule to reflect the will of the players.

- All roles are designed to operate their phones in the same way to prevent identification based on device usage at night.

- Provides a play log feature to save events that occur in the game.

- Allows users to save their battle record to understand their strengths and weaknesses.


Werewolf -In a Cloudy Village- serves as a game master for werewolf games and offers features such as remote play, free voting, role consistency, play log, and battle record saving. It provides an easy and convenient way to enjoy werewolf games remotely with friends. Click the link to download the app and start playing today!

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File size: 69.24 M Latest Version: 6.0.6

Requirements: Android Language: English

Votes: 53 Package ID: com.flatspinnn.werewolf

Developer: TAKUMI NODA


  • Is good but the problem is it lags some time
    2024-04-08 07:41:58
  • I cant play on "This device only" which is basically single player ,sucks
    2024-04-03 13:14:07
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