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DTO MTT - GTO Poker Trainer

Category: Card Date:2024-04-02 15:39:02

Rating: 4.5 Tags: Strategy

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DTO MTT - GTO Poker Trainer is the ultimate app for poker players looking to improve their skills and elevate their game. Developed by professional poker players, this app translates advanced game theory optimal (GTO) research into an accessible format on your mobile device. With DTO MTT - GTO Poker Trainer, you can immerse yourself in detailed scenarios, practice specific situations, and receive immediate feedback on how your decisions measure up to GTO standards. Gain access to over 100 million pre-solved scenarios and consult the Virtual Coach for clear explanations of every move. Whether you're a novice or a professional, the app is your tool for improvement. Download and play for free, or choose from two premium subscription levels for even more advanced training. Join our Discord community and engage in poker strategy discussions. Follow us on social media for updates and contact us for assistance. Please note that it is a training platform and does not support online or real money gambling.

Features of the DTO MTT - GTO Poker Trainer:

- Detailed MTT and SNG scenarios: Users can immerse themselves in various scenarios and practice decision-making against GTO-based solutions.

- Customizable practice scenarios: Users can create specific scenarios with control over variables like stack sizes and table position.

- Grading system: Each hand played is graded, providing immediate feedback on how choices measure up to GTO standards and identifying areas for improvement.

- Access to over 100 million pre-solved MTT and SNG scenarios: Users can access a vast library of pre-solved scenarios, eliminating the need for costly poker coaching.

- Virtual Coach: All subscribers can consult the Virtual Coach for clear and easy-to-understand explanations of every move, enhancing their grasp of GTO poker.

- Community engagement: Users can join the active Discord community to share feedback, engage in poker strategy discussions, and receive updates from DTOPoker.


DTO MTT - GTO Poker Trainer is your go-to app for mastering elite poker strategy. With its intuitive interface, immersive gameplay, and access to millions of pre-solved scenarios, it empowers players of all skill levels to make optimal decisions at the table. Download now and take your game to the next level!

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File size: 15.11 M Latest Version: 5.5.14

Requirements: Android Language: English

Votes: 32 Package ID: com.dtopoker.app

Developer: DTO Poker Ltd

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  • This app constantly reminds me that I'm bad at poker, and I love it
    2024-04-06 01:33:26
  • Awesome user friendly poker training. Great for when you have a couple spare minutes
    2024-04-05 19:28:33
  • Best GTO practice app, tons of value even in free version
    2024-04-05 07:54:34
  • Unbelievable poker product, can't recommend highly enough
    2024-04-05 06:20:02
  • What rubbish just wont to play cards not keep taping and getting no where uninstalled already
    2024-04-04 07:21:15
  • I'm not able to purchase subscription. Need help
    2024-04-03 23:06:05
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