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Introducing Extreme Tennis™, the ultimate mobile tennis game that every tennis and sports fan needs to play! Unlike complex console games, Extreme Tennis™ offers simple controls that allow you to easily control your player's movements and serve and receive the ball with taps and screen swipes. Focus on your playing strategy and defeat different opponents by observing, aiming, dragging, and hitting your way to victory. With a variety of challenges, including daily challenges, accuracy challenges, and rainy day challenges, you can continuously improve your skills. Progress together with opponents from all over the world and strengthen friendships by inviting friends to play online matches and exchanging coins. Unlock more characters and upgrade court equipment to gain every advantage possible in becoming a great player. Click now to download Extreme Tennis™ and start dominating the tennis court!

Features of Extreme Tennis™:

- User-friendly controls: The game offers simple tap and swipe controls, making it easy for players to control their player's movements and serve and receive the ball.

- Various challenges: In addition to regular matches, players can take part in daily challenges, accuracy challenges, rainy day challenges, and more, which help them continuously improve their skills.

- Matchmaking system: The game features a matchmaking system that connects players from all over the world. It pairs players with opponents who are best suited for them to learn and improve together.

- Online multiplayer: Players can invite their friends to play online matches, allowing them to compete against each other and exchange coins to strengthen their friendship.

- Unlockable characters and equipment: The game offers seven major characters, with more to be unlocked as players progress. Additionally, players can constantly upgrade their court equipment to gain an advantage.

- Immersive tennis experience: Extreme Tennis™ provides a tennis experience that is better suited for mobile devices, ensuring that tennis and sports fans do not miss out on the fun.


Extreme Tennis™ is a highly engaging and user-friendly mobile game that offers a realistic tennis experience. With its simple controls, various challenges, online multiplayer, and unlockable characters and equipment, the game provides an immersive and enjoyable gameplay experience. Players can continuously improve their skills by playing against opponents from around the world and can also compete against their friends. Overall, Extreme Tennis™ is a must-have game for tennis and sports enthusiasts looking for an exciting and addictive gaming experience on their mobile devices.

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File size: 171.05 M Latest Version: 2.51.0

Requirements: Android Language: English

Votes: 41 Package ID: com.orcas.extream.tennis

Developer: Playorcas

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