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아재 능력 고사 : 아재개그와 넌센스퀴즈

Category: Puzzle Date:2024-04-02 14:29:10

Rating: 4.3 Tags: Puzzle

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Are you ready to become the ultimate "It" person? Look no further than this 아재 능력 고사 : 아재개그와 넌센스퀴즈 app! Get ready to laugh until your sides hurt as Mr. Kim, the king of dad jokes, unveils his repertoire of hundreds of jokes. Can you guess the punchline? Challenge yourself with a collection of language puns, highbrow jokes, nonsense riddles, and more. Create your very own collection of dad jokes and test your dad joke power with the test mode. Get ready for Mr. Kim's one-man comedy show, the ultimate game of bizarre and hilarious jokes! It's time to prove your dad joke prowess!

Features of 아재 능력 고사 : 아재개그와 넌센스퀴즈:

- Improve your social skills: By playing this game, you can become an insider and enhance your social interactions.

- Hilarious jokes: Kim Manager presents his dad jokes that will surely crack you up and bring laughter to your day.

- Test your knowledge: Challenge yourself and test your repertoire of dad jokes with hundreds of jokes to guess.

- Addictive gameplay: The more you play, the more fun it gets! Experience the joy of solving riddles and guessing dad jokes.

- Variety of humor: 아재 능력 고사 : 아재개그와 넌센스퀴즈 combines language puzzles, highbrow jokes, absurd humor, and nonsensical quizzes for a diverse and entertaining experience.

- Personalized collection: Create your own collection of dad jokes and become the ultimate connoisseur of humor.


With hilarious dad jokes, addictive gameplay, and a variety of humor, it promises to keep you entertained for hours. Test your knowledge, challenge yourself, and create your own collection of dad jokes. Download now and join Kim Manager in his comical show – the ultimate bizarre comedy game, "아재 능력 고사 : 아재개그와 넌센스퀴즈"!

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File size: 21.51 M Latest Version: v2.0.10

Requirements: Android Language: English

Votes: 100 Package ID: com.litqoo.azquiz


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  • 서요?
    2024-04-06 16:09:11
  • 조리부를 영어로 뭐라고 할까?(팀쿡)
    2024-04-06 15:02:16
  • 꿀잼 핵꿀잼~~~~~!!!!
    2024-04-05 05:37:56
  • very very good
    2024-04-04 12:17:55
  • 흥부가 놀부부인에게 맞은 이유는? 흥부가 "저 흥분데요"라고 말해서. 손을 들면 멈추는 것은? 택시. 별 따기 보다 더 어려운 것은? 별 달기. 구명 보트에 몇명이 탈수 있을까? 9명 (9명 보트). 애들이 무서워 하는 탑은? 에펠탑. 팥쥐의 깨진 독을 고쳐준 사람은? 독수리 오형제. 곤충을 삼등분 하면? 죽는다. 오줌을 잘싸면 오줌싸개, 빨리 싸면? 잽싸게. 신지가 화장을 진하게 하면? 누구신지. 일본에서 낚시를 잘하는 사람은? 다나까 (다낚아!). 학생들이 싫어하는 피자는? 책피자 (책을 피자). 아이가 산불을 보고 할아버지에게 하는 말은? 산타할아버지. 이상이고 즐거운 아재개그 감사합니다.
    2024-04-04 03:56:49
  • 다 좋은데 시험에서 지우개 있었으면..
    2024-04-04 02:06:11
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