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Category: Puzzle Date:2024-04-01 14:38:53

Rating: 4.0 Tags: Kids

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Introducing Czółko, the ultimate party game created by the developers of the hit game 96%. The rules are simple: find willing friends (even just 2 people will do) and get ready for a night of laughter and entertainment. The guessing player holds their phone up to their forehead while the others act out, describe, or sing the displayed word. If the player guesses correctly, they tilt their phone, but if they pass, they tap the screen. With 33 categories including movies, famous people, animals, and everyday life, Czółko is perfect for any occasion. Choose from three exciting gameplay modes: showing, telling, or singing. Whether you're playing with family, friends, or even kids, Czółko guarantees a night of fun and laughter. So gather your loved ones, and get ready for the best party game ever!

Features of Czółko - gra imprezowa:

* Simple rules: The app allows you to play with friends or family by simply finding willing participants.

* Variety of categories: It offers 33 different categories, including movies, games, famous people, animals, everyday life, superheroes, and more.

* Three gameplay modes: You can choose between showing, telling, or singing the answer to the given prompts.

* Suitable for all ages: It is a game that can be enjoyed by girls, boys, and adults alike, making it perfect for social gatherings and parties.

* Develop skills: Playing this game helps develop storytelling, mimicking, and even singing abilities.

* Versatile locations: It can be played anywhere, whether it's at school, work, during breaks, or even on trips.


With its simple rules, wide range of categories, and different gameplay modes, it is the perfect choice for any social gathering. Whether you prefer showing, telling, or singing the answers, this app has something for everyone. It is suitable for players of all ages and can be enjoyed in various settings, making it the best entertainment option for family gatherings or hanging out with friends. Download now and enjoy the best party game experience!

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File size: 52.18 M Latest Version: v1.8.4

Requirements: Android Language: English

Votes: 100 Package ID: com.simplicity.czolko



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  • Jak przykładam do czoła to nic się nie dzieje, gra się nie może rozpocząć :(
    2024-04-05 08:07:42
  • Fajna
    2024-04-05 07:45:49
  • Przeszkadza brak blokady wygaszacze ekranu
    2024-04-04 17:21:30
  • Podobno za 2 obejrzane reklamy można spróbować jedna kategorie. Ale po obejrzeniu reklam aplikacja ma to w nosie :)
    2024-04-04 11:07:38
  • Super gra na imprezę. Warto było dać te 10zl
    2024-04-03 12:01:04
  • Doskonałe uzupełnienie dobrego spotkania w dobrym towarzystwie.
    2024-04-02 18:15:47
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