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Stick War: Legacy

Category: Strategy Date:2023-08-04 17:12:42

Rating: 4.0

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Stick War, one of the most popular web games, has now been adapted for mobile devices. In Stick War, players control armies of stick figures and have total control over each unit. The objective is to destroy the enemy statue and capture all territories. The game offers various features such as missions mode with new levels every Friday, a saga-style map with multiple rewards, and different game types. The gameplay includes improved unit formations, bow aim for Archidon, and arrows sticking into units. Additionally, there is a classic campaign, an endless zombie survival mode, and a tournament mode. In the game's world called Inamorta, different nations with unique technologies and beliefs battle for dominance. As the leader of the Order nation, players must defend their way of peace and knowledge against infiltrating nations.

Stick War is a popular and highly rated web game that is now available on mobile devices. The game offers several advantages:

- Stick War is one of the biggest and most fun stick figure games, providing a challenging and addictive gaming experience.

- Players have total control over every stickman in their army, allowing them to strategically control units and control the outcome of battles.

- The game offers various units to build, resources to mine, and skills to learn, allowing players to develop their army and strengthen their forces.

- Stick War introduces new features, including missions mode with new levels released every Friday, a saga-style map with multiple rewards, and the ability to unlock crowns for different difficulty levels.

- The game offers a multitude of new game types, such as winning before sunset, triple barricaded gold, deathmatch, and battles against mini bosses, providing a diverse and engaging gameplay experience.

- Stick War includes improved graphics and animations, with arrows now sticking into units and new blood effects. Additionally, there are improved unit formations and archidon bow aim for more precise combat strategies.

In the game's world of Inamorta, players are surrounded by nations that are obsessed with their own unique crafts and devoted to dominating others. Each nation believes their way of life is superior and uses their weapons as a form of worship. As the leader of the Order nation, players must defend against infiltration and attack other nations to obtain their technologies.

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File size: 449.90 M Latest Version: 2023.2.108

Requirements: Android Language: English

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