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Category: Casual Date:2024-02-26 11:33:01

Rating: 4 Tags: Sports

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Introducing Maeve's Academy, a captivating new app that transports you to The H.G. Academy, a once-renowned magic school in a mystical realm. As the first man in history with the talent for magic, you embark on a thrilling journey alongside your best friend. However, upon arrival, you discover a desperate situation - the academy is in decline with a shortage of teachers and students. It's up to you and Director Maeve to restore the magic to its former glory. Gather students, magical objects, and even teachers, and prove that magic is anything but old-fashioned and wild in this enchanting adventure.

Features of Maeve’s Academy:

⭐️ Unique and immersive storyline: The game offers players a captivating story set in a once-renowned magical academy that is now in decline. As a boy with the first-ever talent for magic, players embark on a journey in a mystic land full of new experiences.

⭐️ Interactive gameplay: Players take on the role of the protagonist and help the academy rebuild by gathering students, equipment, magic, and teachers. They have the opportunity to make decisions that impact the progress of the academy and the restoration of magic.

⭐️ Dynamic characters: The game introduces a diverse cast of characters, including the enigmatic director Maeve. Players form relationships with these characters, uncover their unique backstories, and collaborate to breathe life back into magic.

⭐️ Exploration of the magical realm: Players get to explore the enchanting magical realm, offering them a chance to discover hidden secrets, encounter mythical creatures, and unlock new areas within the academy.

⭐️ Beautiful graphics and visual effects: This game presents stunning graphics and mesmerizing visual effects that bring the magical realm to life. Players can immerse themselves in a visually appealing world that enhances the overall gaming experience.

⭐️ Constant updates and new content: The game developers regularly release updates and introduce new content, ensuring that players always have something fresh and exciting to look forward to. This keeps the gameplay engaging and encourages players to continue playing the game.


Maeve's Academy is an immersive and visually stunning game that takes players on a captivating journey to restore magic in a declining academy. With its unique storyline, interactive gameplay, diverse characters, and beautiful graphics, this game offers an exciting and magical experience for users. Download now and embark on an extraordinary adventure in the mystical realm of Maeve's Academy.

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File size: 426.00 M Latest Version: 0.3.0

Requirements: Android Language: English

Votes: 490 Package ID: maeve.academy

Developer: Hatchet Games


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