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Category: Strategy Date:2024-02-21 11:36:01

Rating: 4.5 Tags: Adventure

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Embark on a thrilling adventure unlike anything you've experienced before with Meta Apes, the ultimate player-owned MMO game. Immerse yourself in a parallel world where you can live out your wildest dreams as a clever and mischievous monkey. Build and upgrade your forts alongside your tribe, and watch as your empire flourishes. Test your strategic skills by mixing and matching different units and heroes, and explore innovative tactics that will give you the winning edge. But that's not all - as a citizen of the monkey world, you have the power to shape its future through democratic voting. Join the monkeys and experience a new world today! Download the latest and most optimized version 0.115.0 for free directly from the Google Play Store or our hassle-free hosting platform - no registration or login required.

Features of Meta Apes:

> Player-owned and player-run MMO game: Meta Apes offers a unique experience where players have full control over their alter ego in a parallel world. This means you can create your own monkey life and make all the decisions!

> Upgrade your forts and grow with your tribe: Continuously improve your forts to increase your power and expand your influence within the game. Join forces with your tribe and together, become unstoppable!

> Utilize different units and heroes: Experiment with various units and heroes to create the perfect combination. Mix and match different units to develop winning strategies that will give you the competitive edge.

> Democratic vote: Participate in voting alongside fellow "monkeys" to shape the future of the world. Your voice matters, and together you can make impactful decisions that will impact the game environment.

> Explore a new world with the monkeys: Embark on an exciting adventure in a brand new world filled with mystery and wonders. Unleash your imagination and discover hidden treasures while interacting with other players.

> Latest, optimized version: Download our latest version 0.115.0 for the best gaming experience. We have made extensive optimizations to ensure compatibility with various devices. Enjoy the game hassle-free with no registration or login required.


Meta Apes offers a one-of-a-kind player-run MMO game where you can live out your monkey life in a thrilling parallel world. Upgrade your forts, strategize with different units and heroes, and participate in democratic voting to shape the game's future. Join your tribe and explore a fascinating new world filled with endless possibilities. Download the latest version now for an optimized gaming experience on any device. No registration or login needed – start playing right away!

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More Information

File size: 74.00 M Latest Version: 0.115.0

Requirements: Android Language: English

Votes: 147 Package ID: com.mkbanana.gp

Developer: Meta Apes

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  • Well coded game & packed with fun
    2024-02-27 11:55:15
  • Best play to earn game ever!
    2024-02-26 05:58:49
  • It always says server maintenance.
    2024-02-26 01:59:39
  • Any time this game server under maintenance
    2024-02-25 16:31:07
  • Amazing crypto game, earn crypto while playing...
    2024-02-25 14:26:12
  • Cant play.always crash
    2024-02-25 01:15:49
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