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Category: Role playing Date:2024-02-21 11:36:01

Rating: 4.5

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In Soul Tide, players immerse themselves in an epic quest to save the Earth from its impending extinction. As powerful female warriors, they must engage in thrilling battles with formidable monsters across various locations. However, they are not alone in their mission. Players will join forces with a team of five stunningly beautiful girls, each possessing destructive powers, to form an unstoppable anime hero squad. To overcome the increasingly difficult challenges, players must undergo demanding training missions and strategically collect and upgrade equipment. With captivating new stories to be discovered, Soul Tide offers an immersive gaming experience that will leave players eagerly awaiting the next battle. As they navigate through the dark tunnels of a haunted house, they must tackle the treacherous terrain. Luckily, helpful guidance is provided to assist players in conquering these obstacles. By finding space portals and strategically positioning themselves, players can gather essential resources necessary for combat operations, ultimately restoring order and saving humanity from the clutches of the monsters. Engaging in direct combat, players must master the controls provided on the screen, all the while taking advantage of optional enhancement items. With limitless challenges to tackle, players have ample opportunity to hone their fighting skills. The realistic graphics and captivating sound design ensure a truly immersive experience. As the game continues to release new chapters, players will eagerly follow the gripping story of these extraordinary anime female warriors.

Features of Soul Tide:

> Quests for players to complete before the Earth perishes.

> Role-play as powerful female warriors and face battles with monsters.

> Operate in various locations and face monsters of different levels.

> Create a special anime hero team with five beautiful girls possessing destructive powers.

> Upgrade through difficult training missions and collect equipment.

> Experience new stories in the next battles.


Soul Tide offers an immersive gaming experience where players must complete quests to save the Earth. As powerful female warriors, users will face battles with monsters in different locations. With the help of their companions, players can create a team of beautiful girls with destructive powers. They can upgrade themselves through challenging training missions and collect equipment. The game continuously releases new chapters and stories, providing an engaging and realistic experience. Don't miss out on this interesting content that combines stunning graphics and captivating sound. Download now and join the unique anime world of Soul Tide.

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File size: 947.00 M Latest Version: 6.46.0

Requirements: Android Language: English

Votes: 121 Package ID: com.lemcnsun.soultide.android

Developer: LemcnSun Entertainment



  • I personally really like this game and many of it's mechanics. The level designs are unique, especially compared to other games in the genre. The character designs are also great and very enjoyable. One thing I will criticize tho are the parts outside of the storyline. The game gets very sexual when it explores the world outside of the main story, especially whenever Yannick is on screen. It also puts a very big emphasis on the fact you can date the dolls. I can easily overlook it but other cant
    2024-02-25 01:06:59
  • Overall, great game. Maybe add a low resolution rendering option for low-end devices, and more optimization options. Also, maybe add an option where you can pat the dolls by rubbing their heads, not just by pressing the button on the "Bond" menu
    2024-02-24 13:32:03
  • Annoying tropes in what could be an excellent game. The exploration is fun and there seems to be a lot to do. Unfortunately I can't get past every story dialogue revolving around how our much better MC is than our pervert friend or the beginnings of obvious crushes to the MC by the girls. Yes its a self insert girl collector but jeez give me a story.
    2024-02-24 11:39:45
  • Good game but too many bad points. I like the simplicity, the characters ultimate are cool. But the puzzles get super annoying, combat a bit boring (just pictures moving up to attack) could really work on that part like more animations, the gatcha sucks for f2p. Farm to get gems, go try to pull a nice doll... Nope. You get shards only. Shards are fine but not when you don't own the characters yet. Give us shards AFTER we've unlocked the character.
    2024-02-23 13:33:28
  • I've played this game for 3 weeks. overall it have a good artstyle, graphic and puzzles. the downside of this game is the sanity recovery take so freaking long time to charge. i can't even farm well because of this and my dolls are still weak eventho i already reached level 35. i know that they usually gave us free sanity in total of 130 but it is not enough to farm. just make it charging quicker than usual.
    2024-02-23 05:19:31
  • Awesome game!! Live the characters and the dialogue between you and the dolls is hilarious. Great visual in the memory section and have yet to have and really bad translation errors. First person turn based fights, but specials have cool visual. All in all great game so far!!!
    2024-02-22 21:22:54
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