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Shark Lake 3D

Category: Puzzle Date:2024-02-19 13:42:01

Rating: 4 Tags: Board

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Welcome to Shark Lake 3D, the addictive 3D game that puts you in the fins of a hungry shark with a ticking clock! Your goal is to eat as much as you can before your life time runs out. Each fish you devour adds 5 seconds to your ticking timer and grants you points. Watch out for the crafty octopuses hiding in the lake's stones - they'll extend your life time by 8 seconds and earn you a whopping 800 points. But don't forget about the swimmers and divers! Each one you consume adds a generous 15 seconds to your timer and a tasty 2,000 points to your score. And keep an eye out for the adorable calves - not only will they extend your life time by 10 seconds and reward you with 1,000 points, but for the next 10 seconds, every bite you take will double both your time and points. Compete against others for the highest score and dominate the leaderboard! Don't forget to personalize your classification name in the settings. Get ready to dive in and chomp your way to victory in Lake Shark!

Features of Shark Lake 3D:

⭐️ 3D Gameplay: Experience the excitement of a 3D game with stunning graphics and realistic underwater environments.

⭐️ Endless Eating: Play as a hungry shark that can't stop eating! Avoid running out of life time by devouring fish, octopuses, swimmers, divers, and calves.

⭐️ Time and Point System: Each fish eaten adds 5 seconds to your life time and a variable amount of points. Eat octopuses to gain 8 seconds and 800 points. Consuming swimmers or divers extends your life time by 15 seconds and adds ⭐️000 points.

⭐️ Power of Calves: Calves scattered throughout the lake not only boost your life time by 10 seconds and give you 1,000 points but also temporarily double the time and points of whatever you eat for 10 seconds!

⭐️ Compete for the Highest Score: Challenge yourself and see how high you can score. Will you be able to achieve the ultimate score and reach the top of the standings?

⭐️ Customizable Classification: Set your own name for the classification list and easily change it in the app settings whenever you want.


Dive into an immersive 3D gaming experience as a ravenous shark! Devour various underwater creatures to extend your life time, earn points, and unlock the top spot on the standings. With stunning visuals and addictive gameplay, this app guarantees hours of fun. Download now and become the ultimate predator of the lake!

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File size: 28.44 M Latest Version: 1.0

Requirements: Android Language: English

Votes: 132 Package ID: com.zorrored.sharklake3d

Developer: ZorroRed


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  • Mujko asanhi lga the s। Aap s kiya kru kush or aap s dudtau
    2024-02-23 23:14:06
  • The main issue with this game is the controls. The turning circle on the shark is horrible and the movement is extremely hard to control. It might just be me, but heavy lag also didn't help. Otherwise, it's a decent game. The premise is fun enough and one look the the game itself tells me that they put actual effort into making it. Plus it doesn't bombard you with adds every time you touch the screen.
    2024-02-23 02:29:48
  • I just downloaded it
    2024-02-20 02:13:31
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