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PJ Masks™: Moonlight Heroes

Category: Puzzle Date:2024-02-08 16:09:01

Rating: 4 Tags: Action

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Join the PJ Masks™ on an exciting adventure in PJ Masks™: Moonlight Heroes! Choose your favorite hero and collect as many orbs as you can while dodging pesky villains and obstacles. With 21 free levels and the option to buy additional content, there's endless fun to be had. Unlock the heroes' superpowers by collecting colored amulets and watch them soar to new heights. This safe and age-appropriate app is trusted by millions of families worldwide. Download now and let the PJ Masks save the day!

Features of the App:

- 21 Free Levels: The app offers 21 levels that are completely free to play, providing hours of entertainment and adventure.

- Collectable Orbs: As you journey across the moonlit rooftops, collect as many orbs as you can to increase your final score and unlock special rewards.

- Gold Amulets: Discover and pick up gold amulets along the way to boost your score even further. Keep your eyes peeled for these rare treasures!

- Hazards: Dodge the obstacles that the mischievous villains throw in your way. Test your reflexes and overcome challenges to save the day.

- Character Powerups: Collect colored amulets to activate the superpowers of your favorite heroes. Catboy can jump higher, Owlette can see hidden orbs, and Gekko can smash through obstacles.

- Safe and Age Appropriate: Trusted by millions of families worldwide, PJ Masks: Moonlight Heroes offers age-appropriate content tailored for preschoolers. Parents can also disable advertising and prevent unauthorized purchases.


Join the beloved trio of heroes, Catboy, Owlette, and Gekko, in their action-packed adventures to save the day. With 21 free levels, collectable orbs, gold amulets, and exciting hazards to overcome, this app guarantees hours of fun and entertainment. Unlock the superpowers of your favorite characters and embark on a moonlit journey across rooftops. Rest assured, PJ Masks: Moonlight Heroes is a safe and age-appropriate app that parents can trust. Download now and let the adventure begin!

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File size: 115.00 M Latest Version: 4.1

Requirements: Android Language: English

Votes: 62 Package ID: com.pjmasks.moonlightheroes

Developer: Scary Beasties Limited

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  • My kid loves this game but I really wish it had working audio
    2024-02-12 13:25:31
  • Won't go past the loading screen tried on multiple devices. Kids are upset. Avoid this app
    2024-02-12 12:57:12
  • This app was first boring for My children until they started playing it and they stopped complianing about it so I think this app is really nice
    2024-02-12 10:51:51
  • A nice game and a great game but remember the super level that the kids are doing and how they can be played with them and they are not even playing the game the super level are too expensive to get to the game and they are not even playing the game with the game of the game super level are too expensive please make sure to keep the price down.
    2024-02-12 06:35:00
  • My little boy has been a big fan of PJ Mask movie already... Really love to find this game that is easy and safe for him to play... Yup , for sometime during the free time however we need to let the kids enjoying their childhood time by playing game ,don't we
    2024-02-11 05:09:15
  • Downloaded the app & wouldn't open. Stuck on opening screen. Disappointed my 5 year old son who was looking forward to playing it.
    2024-02-09 19:01:11
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