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Category: Card Date:2024-02-08 15:24:01

Rating: 4.1 Tags: Strategy

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Step into the thrilling world of competition and triumph in the exhilarating Biggest State Winner game! Rise to the top of the leaderboard by showcasing your masterful strategies and unmatched skills. This addictive app challenges you to outsmart the computer in a battle of wits, where every move counts. With each roll of the dice, you have the opportunity to collect the best combinations and claim victory. Win and be showered with incredible bonuses, or learn from defeat and refine your skills for future conquests. In Biggest State Winner, your intellect and logic are the ultimate weapons for success. Download now and prove your worth as the reigning champion of intellect and strategy.

Features of Biggest State Winner:

- Captivating world of competition: Immerse yourself in a thrilling battle of wits and strategy.

- Engaging dice game: Take on the challenge and compete against the computer to win as many rounds as possible.

- Unique chance for insane triumph: Collect the best combinations in the dice and be rewarded with a stream of bonuses.

- Opportunity for skill refinement: Even if luck isn't on your side, use every setback as a chance to improve and outsmart the computer.

- Crucial moves and strategy: Each move in the game is vital, requiring intellect, logic, and timely use of bonuses.

- Claim the highest place on the throne: Download the app now to prove your worth as the ultimate champion in intellect and strategy.


Discover the captivating world of competition and wild victories in the exciting Biggest State Winner game. Engage in an intriguing battle of wits with the computer and prove yourself as the smartest individual. Experience the magic of insane triumph as you collect the best combinations in the dice and get rewarded with a stream of bonuses. Refine your skills and snatch victory from the computer's grasp, using each setback as an opportunity for improvement. Develop your own tactics, avoid risks, and claim the highest place on the throne of intellect and strategy. Waste no time, download Biggest State Winner now to embark on this thrilling journey and achieve great victories!

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File size: 6.75 M Latest Version: 1.05

Requirements: Android Language: English

Votes: 322 Package ID: org.bigge.statewi

Developer: Gamming Edge


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