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Confined with Goddesses 1.0

Category: Casual Date:2024-02-01 10:30:01

Rating: 4.4 Tags: Adult

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Introducing "Confined with Goddesses," a light-hearted story-based gaming app inspired by hentai culture, manga, adult manhwas, and adult games. Join the app to access new beta-tests every month before the public! Need help or a preview of the gameplay? Upgrade to the Premium version to unlock everything instantly, but beware of spoilers! Enjoy new events at the jacuzzi and cooking areas with each girl, along with additional dialogue options. Experience animated scenes and explore the possibilities of pleasing a woman. Will the protagonist learn from "discussion and observation" or go beyond to start a new relationship? Download now and embark on an exciting journey!

Features of Confined with Goddesses:

- Light-hearted story based on hentai culture: The app offers a unique and lighthearted story that draws inspiration from hentai, manga, adult manhwas, and adult games.

- Beta testing access: Users have the opportunity to join the creator's beta testing program and access new beta versions of the app before they are released to the public.

- Premium version: The app offers a premium version that unlocks all features instantly. Users need to be cautious about spoilers but can enjoy additional hints and specific events.

- New events and dialogue options: The app introduces new events at the jacuzzi and cooking areas, providing users with more content to explore. Additionally, new dialogue options are available to increase the possibilities of satisfying desires in the game.

- Reworked animations: Several scenes in the app now feature animations instead of single images, enhancing the visual experience. There are 30 new images and 8 new animations, including intimate scenes with different characters.

- Completed game and future updates: The app notifies users that the current game is now completed. However, the creator promises to release updates to fix bugs if needed. Additionally, there is a mention of a new game coming soon, keeping users engaged and excited for future content.


This app offers a light-hearted, hentai-inspired story with a unique blend of dialogue, events, and animations. Users have the opportunity to be part of the beta testing program and access new content before others. The premium version provides instant access to all features, although users should be cautious of spoilers. With continuous updates and a promise of a new game in the future, this app aims to provide an engaging experience for its users.

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File size: 420.00 M Latest Version: 1.0

Requirements: Android Language: English

Votes: 45 Package ID: cwg.com



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