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Category: Music Date:2024-01-19 11:00:01

Rating: 4.3 Tags: Music Game

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Smash Colors 3D is an engaging music game that provides entertainment and relaxation with its vibrant songs. With the ability to create your own tunes and become a professional musician, immerse yourself in melodic gameplay accompanied by colorful visuals. Get ready to overcome obstacles and complete full songs as you control a ball, striking corresponding rings to create a captivating melody. Be careful though, as you must match the ball's color with the arcs appearing on the screen. With hundreds of popular songs from various genres, you can customize your ball's appearance through exciting skins. Download now and start smashing colors in this addictive music game!

Features of Smash Colors 3D Mod:

> Music Game: Smash Colors 3D is a music game that allows you to entertain yourself and relax with vibrant songs in your spare time. It combines gameplay with music, offering a unique and immersive experience.

> Tune Maker: In addition to playing songs, you can also become a tune maker and a professional musician. The app provides tools, such as balloons floating in a virtual space, for you to create your own music.

> Overcome Obstacles: To complete a song, you will need to overcome obstacles. As you control a ball in the middle of the screen, you must touch the same rings in front of you to create the song's melody. The game challenges your reflexes and precision.

> Colorful Gameplay: The vibrant colors in the game enhance the overall experience. The arcs appear in different colors, and you have to bring the ball to touch the arc with its current color. The 360-degree rotation of the ball adds an extra level of excitement.

> Wide Selection of Songs: Smash Colors 3D offers hundreds of different songs for you to enjoy. The app includes popular and trending songs, capturing the current tastes and trends of young people. You can choose from various genres, including pop, rock n roll, and classic.

> Customization Options: You can personalize your gameplay experience by changing the appearance of your ball. The app provides templates and skins, allowing you to decorate your ball with different textures and designs, such as rainbows or cartoon characters.


Smash Colors 3D is an engaging and entertaining music game with a variety of features. It offers a unique combination of gameplay and music, allowing you to both play songs and create your own tunes. The colorful visuals and obstacle-based gameplay make it exciting and challenging. With a wide selection of songs from different genres and customization options for your ball, the app provides a diverse and customizable experience. Download Smash Colors 3D now to immerse yourself in vibrant melodies and enjoy the thrill of overcoming obstacles while making music.

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File size: 71.00 M Latest Version: 1.1.17

Requirements: Android Language: English

Votes: 234 Package ID: com.dancing.smash.hop.game.tiles.circles.beat.pain

Developer: Badsnowball Limited


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