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Category: Action Date:2023-08-09 10:55:13

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The content is about the latest updates and features in the mobile game PUBG Mobile. The new updates include a Dinosaur Theme Mode where players can interact with dinosaurs and explore the game world. There is also a new Royale Pass that offers upgradable outfits, melee weapons, and materials for upgrades. The World of Wonder update provides wider permissions for creators and a map creation guide system. The Classic update allows players to modify weapons and introduces new vehicles in different maps. The update also includes companions with spectating ability and interactive emotes. PUBG Mobile is a battle royale game where players fight against each other using various firearms and items. Some features may require additional fees and the app is only available in Korea. Official support links are provided.

The content highlights the following six advantages of the game:

1) Dinosaur Theme Mode: Players can explore the world of Erangel and Livik while encountering and interacting with dinosaurs such as Pterosaurs and T.Rex.

2) New Royale Pass: The A1 Royale Pass offers upgradable outfits with color-changing capabilities, as well as upgradable melee weapons and materials to enhance them.

3) World of Wonder Update: World of Wonder creators are given wider permissions, and a map creation guide system is added for those with creator permissions to create their own maps.

4) Classic Update: The M16A1 and MK47 can be modified to switch from burst mode to auto mode. Additionally, players can check out the Monster Truck in Erangel and UAZ in Sanhok and Miramar maps.

5) Companions with Spectating Ability & Interactive Emote Update: Players can spectate through their companions during spectator mode and enjoy interactive emotes with their companions.

6) PUBG Mobile: PUBG Mobile is a battle royale survival game where multiple users fight against each other using diverse firearms and items. It offers one-on-one matches, team matches, and seasonal esports events.

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File size: 800.50 M Latest Version: 2.6.0

Requirements: Android Language: English

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