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Category: Music Date:2023-12-29 14:09:01

Rating: 4.5 Tags: Music Game

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Happy Piano Tap is a fun and addictive pop music game that allows you to play your favorite classical songs on a virtual piano. With simple gameplay, all you have to do is tap the black tiles while listening to the music and avoid the white tiles. This game features over 80 popular songs, including classics from Mozart and Beethoven. You can control the speed of the falling tiles, adding an exciting hand speed competition element. With beautiful graphics and sound effects, you'll feel like you're playing a real luxurious classical piano. Download Happy Piano Tap now and enjoy the best music piano game experience!

Features of the App:

- Simple gameplay: Tap black tiles while listening to music and avoid the white tiles.

- Wide selection of songs: Over 80+ popular songs from Mozart to Beethoven.

- Slider tiles and new instruments: Adds variety and excitement to the gameplay.

- Favorites function: Simplifies the search for music and allows for easy access to preferred songs.

- Fast play option: Enables direct play of recently opened songs for a seamless gaming experience.

- Exciting hand speed competition: Control the fall speed of tiles by tapping fast, adding a competitive element to the game.


Happy Piano Tap game is the ultimate music game for piano enthusiasts. With its simple gameplay and wide selection of songs, players can fulfill their dreams of playing classical tunes like Little Star, Canon, and Jingle Bells on a piano. The addition of slider tiles and new instruments adds variety and excitement to the gameplay, making it a great choice for music game lovers. The app's user-friendly interface, favorites function, and fast play option enhance the overall gaming experience. Moreover, the exciting hand speed competition allows players to control the rhythm of the songs, adding a cool and competitive element to the game. With its beautiful graphics, high-quality sound effects, and random rewards, Happy Piano Tap game is a must-download for anyone who wants to enjoy the best music piano game experience.

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File size: 7.37 M Latest Version: 4.7

Requirements: Android Language: English

Votes: 42 Package ID: com.apponly.pianotiles

Developer: GameVoVo


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  • nice and enjoyable loved it :-D
    2024-01-10 19:34:24
  • good but I can't apply my songs
    2024-01-09 15:50:54
  • Simple and fun
    2024-01-07 10:46:03
  • Nice game It's help me a lot for fast tap
    2024-01-07 05:11:56
  • i like it add some special music
    2024-01-06 07:15:00
  • it was great like tony the tiger great
    2024-01-06 07:06:32
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