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Slimy Sextet

Category: Casual Date:2023-12-22 10:03:01

Rating: 4.5 Tags: Adult

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Introducing Slimy Sextet! Join the epic tale of Quinn, the hero who defies the powerful fairy Celeste. After slaying the Demon King, Quinn refuses to pay her debt, leading Celeste to seek revenge. As Celeste's slime minion, it's your job to assist her in exacting revenge through tentacle sex! Explore a world of mind-melting love potions and monstrous creatures as you fulfill your duty. Will you succeed in turning the tables on the great fairy herself? Download Slimy Sextet now and experience this thrilling visual novel filled with unexpected twists and steamy encounters!

Slimy Sextet

Game Modes:

Story mode: Embark on an epic tale

Dive into an engaging storyline that follows the heroic Quinn and his clash with the vengeful fairy Celeste.

Revenge mode: Assist celeste in her quest

Enter revenge mode and aid Celeste in her pursuit of retribution against Quinn. Engage in tantalizing tentacle encounters, fulfill Celeste's desires, and witness the power of her wrath firsthand.

Potion mode: Unleash magical potions

Delve into the art of alchemy in potion mode. Craft mind-melting love potions that will captivate your targets and bend them to your will.

Monster mode: Explore the depths of desire

Encounter monstrous creatures with insatiable appetites and explore the depths of their desires.

Features of Slimy Sextet APK:

- Unique and captivating storyline: Immerse yourself in a thrilling tale of revenge and redemption, where the hero's actions have unexpected consequences.

- Beautiful visuals: Enjoy stunning artwork and graphics that bring the characters and their world to life.

- Engaging gameplay: Take on the role of Celeste's slime minion and navigate through various challenges and encounters to fulfill your mission.

- Interactive choices: Make decisions that will shape the outcome of the story, leading to different paths and endings.

- Sensual and adult content: Experience a mature and intimate narrative, exploring themes of desire and passion.

- Unexpected twists and turns: Prepare for surprises as the plot unfolds, keeping you hooked and eager to discover what happens next.

Slimy Sextet

Gameplay Tips:

Explore different choices: The game offers branching paths, so don't hesitate to make different decisions to unlock unique storylines and scenes.

Experiment with kinks: Customize your experience by activating different kinks and discover new dimensions of pleasure within the game.

Pay attention to character relationships: Interact with characters and build relationships to unlock deeper storylines and more intimate encounters.

Save frequently: Use the save feature to capture important moments and explore different outcomes without losing progress.

Immerse yourself in the artwork: Appreciate the stunning visuals and detailed artwork that brings the world of Slimy Sextet to life.

Let your fantasies run wild: Embrace the freedom to explore your desires and indulge in the steamy encounters that await you in the game.


Step into a world of fantasy and desire with this captivating visual novel. With its unique storyline, stunning visuals, and engaging gameplay, Slimy Sextet APK offers an immersive experience like no other. Explore the depths of revenge and redemption, making choices that will shape the outcome of the story. Delve into sensual and adult content, while being captivated by unexpected twists and turns. If you're ready for an unforgettable adventure, click to download now and embark on a journey that will leave you craving for more.

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File size: 133.00 M Latest Version: 1.0.10

Requirements: Android Language: English

Votes: 39 Package ID: com.slimy_sextet.program

Developer: Belgerum


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