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College: Perfect Match

Category: Simulation Date:2023-12-05 15:29:01

Rating: 4

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Welcome to the ultimate dating simulator, where you become the only male professor at a prestigious women's college! In this game, you'll need to shine your mind, show your charisma, and be bold and decisive to win the hearts of the beautiful girls at the college. Each girl has her own personality and preferences, so you'll need to find an approach that works for each one. Impress the girls with your sense of humor, beat them in their unique mini-games, and complete match-3 levels to earn money for an elegant courtship. Download the game now, play for free, and experience the most exciting school year ever!

Features of this app:

- Beautiful girls: The app features a variety of beautiful and unique girls, each with their own personality, habits, and preferences. Users will have to find the best approach to win the heart of each girl.

- Unique stories: Each girl in the app has their own storyline, creating a truly engaging and immersive experience for the user. This adds depth to the game and allows users to develop a connection with the characters.

- Date simulator: Users can go on dates with the girls and have conversations where they can showcase their sense of humor and impress them. This feature adds a realistic element to the game and allows users to feel like they are actually courting the girls.

- Tests of love: To win the sympathy of the girls, users will have to beat them in unique mini-games. This adds an element of challenge and fun to the app, keeping users engaged and entertained.

- Match-3 levels: Completing a variety of match-3 levels will earn users money for a more elegant courtship. This feature adds a different gameplay element to the app and provides an additional challenge for users to overcome.

- Exciting school year: The app promises to make the school year more exciting with its engaging gameplay and interesting characters. Users will have the opportunity to experience the thrill of being the only male professor at a women's college and win the hearts of the girls.


With its beautiful girls, unique stories, and interactive gameplay, this app offers an exciting and immersive experience for users. The date simulator feature, tests of love, and match-3 levels provide a variety of gameplay options and challenges. Overall, this app is sure to attract users with its engaging content and easy-to-play mechanics. Click the download button now and start playing for free to experience the excitement of becoming the only male professor at a women's college!

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File size: 229.79 M Latest Version: 1.0.8

Requirements: Android Language: English

Votes: 59 Package ID: com.amrita.college

Developer: Amrita Studio


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    2023-12-15 00:34:52
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    2023-12-14 00:20:47
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    2023-12-12 16:09:59
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