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Category: Simulation Date:2023-12-05 14:17:01

Rating: 4.2 Tags: Action

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Welcome to Spider Game: Spider Rope Hero, an open-world crime game that combines the excitement of super heroes and action. Join the Spider Rope Hero as he performs street stunts and eliminates enemies with his special powers. This game is packed with action and features a real gangster robot story. Fly across city rooftops with your rope or transform into amazing cars and bikes to fight crime. As the last hope of the city, you must eliminate the mafia and bring peace back to the streets. Get ready for a grand rescue mission in Flying Police Miami Rope Hero: Real Gangster Crime City. Play now and become a futuristic rope robot superhero!

Features of this app:

- Open-world crime game: This app allows players to explore a virtual city full of gangster robots and mafia criminal activities.

- Spider superhero abilities: Players can perform street stunts using rope superhero skills and eliminate enemies with special powers.

- Unique transformation options: The app offers the ability to fly across city rooftops using ropes or transform into cars, bikes, and other objects.

- Real gangster robot story: The game provides a compelling narrative centered around a superhero's battle against the city's mafia.

- Rescue missions: Players can take on missions to rescue citizens from the grip of gangsters and criminals.

- Exciting gameplay: The app promises action-packed gameplay with thrilling chases, intense battles, and a dynamic open-world environment.


Spider Game: Spider Rope Hero is an engaging open-world crime game that combines superhero action, transformation abilities, and rescue missions. With its thrilling gameplay and unique features, it offers an immersive experience for players looking for entertainment and excitement. Click here to download now and join the battle against the city's gangsters!

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File size: 44.39 M Latest Version: 1.142

Requirements: Android Language: English

Votes: 32 Package ID: com.robot.speed.hero

Developer: Game Giant

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