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Fire Hero 2D — Space Shooter

Category: Action Date:2023-12-05 14:16:01

Rating: 4.3 Tags: Arcade

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FireHero2D—SpaceShooter is a thrilling arcade scrolling shooter that will test your reaction, dexterity, and concentration. As you guide your spaceship deeper into the endless galaxy, you must shoot through blocks of dangerous space invaders. The color and number on the blocks indicate their level of difficulty, so choose wisely when upgrading your ship and weapons. With each level, the enemies become stronger and more powerful, making this game a true test of attention and reaction speed. Can you become the invulnerable spacerunner and prevent a massive attack on the Universe? Find out now and enjoy this addictive game online or offline. Good luck!

Features of this app:

- Minimalistic arcade scrolling shooter: The app offers a simple and clean design that enhances the gameplay experience.

- Challenging levels: Players will be tested on their reaction, dexterity, and concentration as they progress through the levels.

- Unique enemy representation: Enemies are represented by multicolored square blocks with numbers, providing a visual cue for their difficulty level.

- Upgrades and customizations: Players can upgrade their spaceship's appearance, add more guns, increase their power and rate of fire, and even add satellite ships as assistants in battle.

- Strategic decision-making: Players must choose wisely from three options offered during fights to overcome future difficulties and attack enemies more efficiently.

- Endless mode and bonus points: Players can challenge themselves in an endless mode, destroying as many cubes as possible on their way for bonus points.


FireHero2D is a captivating and addictive space shooter game that combines classic retro mechanics with modern 2D graphics. With its minimalistic design and challenging gameplay, it provides an exciting and immersive experience. The unique enemy representation and strategic decision-making add depth to the game, while the ability to customize and upgrade the spaceship enhances the player's involvement. The inclusion of an endless mode and the opportunity to earn bonus points adds replayability and incentivizes players to improve their performance. Overall, FireHero2D is a must-play for space shooter enthusiasts looking for a thrilling and enjoyable gaming experience. Download now to embark on your galactic mission!

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File size: 30.81 M Latest Version: 1.8.1

Requirements: Android Language: English

Votes: 54 Package ID: com.EveryDayGames.FireHero2


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  • It had some promise so I bought the "remove ads" option, but you still have to watch ads for rewards, it only removes interstitial ads. After a couple of hours of playing I realized there's no depth and the only thing that changes with upgrades and "new" levels is that the numbers get higher. No real progression, no interesting skills or upgrades. This is really just a lazy, boring bubble shooter.
    2024-01-11 13:19:51
  • The game is quite fun and there aren't too many ads. But a huge issue i have with it is that the devs keep on adding and removing features. An example of this is how they changed the way bullets work recently. You'd get chests and in the chests you would get different bullets that you could merge to create more powerful bullets. I got really strong from this but they removed it and now i'm stuck on a high level with no way of progresing.
    2024-01-09 13:17:49
  • Great game but it has too many ads. It would also be much better with a "collect all" or a "merge all" button because it takes way too long to merge or open everything
    2024-01-08 14:15:22
  • When I first downloaded this game, I wasn't expecting much. Just another mobile-ad game to make fun of. However, after playing this for a couple of hours, I find myself thoroughly enjoying Fire Hero 2D! If I may, I DO have a few things that might make the game a little more interesting: First, I think players should be allowed to customize the color of their bullets in addition to their shapes. Second, each bullet should come with their own respective buff instead of a blanket +20% damage buff.
    2024-01-07 13:38:45
  • Alright, I'm updating my review since they updated the game. Even at the level I was at, the progression has sped up a lot. I adore the change to the power upgrades allowing for uncapped weapon upgrades, which in turn allows for a sharp increase in damage, which takes us back to what I started this off with. The progression is now balanced, while still maintaining some degree a challenge, which is a good thing. Even the offline reward is more efficient; or so it seems to me, I may be wrong.
    2024-01-02 22:51:58
  • The Ads glitch with FB ads, freezing and forcing you to close the app, losing your current level rewards. It scales the cost of boxes to your level, guaranteeing that you can't get enough upgrades to keep up without using real money, or slowly losing intentionally to farm medals. The base gameplay is fun, but it's wrapped in too many Ads. If you want anyone to pay 10$ to not get the ads, at least make sure the game works so we can be confident that it won't crash after paying.
    2023-12-29 00:31:26
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