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Dope Wars Lite. Trade & profit

Category: Puzzle Date:2023-12-05 14:02:01

Rating: 4.3 Tags: Puzzle

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Dope Wars Lite is a fun and addictive economic-sim crime puzzle game. You start with $2,000 cash and licenses to trade, but you owe $5,500 to Dishonest Harry, a not-so-friendly loanshark. Dive into the world of wholesale trading of weed to make money fast and save your skin! As you travel from location to location, prices change, so buy low and sell high. Be prepared for stand-offs with the cops by visiting the Dope Wars Store to gear up. Watch out for special market events and listen to the crazy old lady for tips. Survive your financial quest and submit your final score to the Play Games Leaderboards. Download Dope Wars Lite now for free on Google Play!

Features of this App:

- Trade and Profit Game: This app allows users to engage in a trade and profit game where they can buy and sell items to make money.

- Economic Simulation: The app provides an addictive economic simulation experience, where users can explore different locations and see how local prices change.

- Crime Puzzle: The app incorporates a crime puzzle element, with the user owing money to a loanshark and facing the challenge of paying off their debt.

- Dope Wars Store: Users can visit the Dope Wars Store to purchase weapons and tools to prepare for confrontations with the police.

- Special Market Events: The app includes special market events that can cause prices to rise or fall dramatically, adding an element of unpredictability to the gameplay.

- Leaderboards and Achievements: Users can submit their scores to Play Games Leaderboards and compete against friends or other players worldwide. They can also unlock and collect achievements as they progress in the game.


DopeWarsLite is an addictive and engaging app that offers a unique combination of trade, profitability, and crime puzzle gameplay. With its immersive economic simulation and the added challenge of paying off a debt, users will find themselves hooked on trying to make money and survive in the game. The inclusion of special market events and the ability to purchase weapons and tools adds depth and strategy to the gameplay. The app also encourages competition and replayability with its leaderboards and achievements features. Overall, DopeWarsLite is a must-download for those looking for an entertaining and challenging mobile gaming experience.

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File size: 36.00 M Latest Version: 2.1.7

Requirements: Android Language: English

Votes: 77 Package ID: com.beermatsoftwarellc.dopewarsfree

Developer: Beermat Software LLC

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  • Love this game.
    2024-01-11 02:28:37
  • Played for about 30sec lame
    2024-01-09 00:47:17
  • Pretty similar to the OG dopewarz keep it coming
    2024-01-07 15:31:53
  • Better than I remember!
    2024-01-06 11:17:16
  • Good game good time killer
    2023-12-31 17:53:24
  • i love this game
    2023-12-31 12:02:53
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