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Stickman Destruction 4 Annihil

Category: Simulation Date:2023-11-20 17:59:01

Rating: 4.1 Tags: Action

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Stickman Destruction 4 Annihilation is an action-packed sequel to the popular survival game. With realistic physics and ragdoll elements, the game allows you to perform incredible tricks, drive various types of vehicles, and engage in thrilling crashes. Your goal is to make it to the finish line, alive or dead, using new transportation options and facing different obstacles. The game features stunning HD graphics, an exclusive soundtrack, and hardcore gameplay. Challenge the laws of physics, break and destroy as much transport as possible, and become the strongest stickman in the world. Download Stickman Destruction 4 Annihilation for free and experience the ultimate destruction simulator now!

Features of this App:

- New types of transport and its destruction: The app offers a variety of vehicles for the player to drive, each with its own unique destruction capabilities.

- New heroes: The game introduces new characters for the first time, allowing players to explore different abilities and play styles.

- Many new locations and levels with different obstacles: The app provides a wide range of environments and challenges for players to navigate through.

- New design: The app features an updated design that is sure to appeal to fans of stickman games, with a focus on fun and engaging gameplay.

- Amazing tricks in ragdoll style: The game offers impressive and realistic ragdoll physics, allowing players to perform incredible tricks and stunts.

- Hardcore gameplay and unique physics: The app provides challenging and intense gameplay, testing the player's skills and reactions.


Stickman Destruction 4 Annihilation is an exciting sequel to the original game, offering new features and improvements that enhance the gameplay experience. With its variety of transport options, new heroes, and challenging levels, the app is sure to attract stickman game enthusiasts. The updated design and realistic physics further contribute to the app's appeal, making it a must-download for fans of hardcore gameplay.

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File size: 10.54 M Latest Version: 1.23

Requirements: Android Language: English

Votes: 42 Package ID: com.stickman.destruction.annihilation4



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