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Category: Action Date:2023-11-20 17:59:01

Rating: 4.5 Tags: Adventure

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Embark on a fun family holiday with the Toontown Vacation app! This app is designed to make your toontown vacation time more adventurous and enjoyable. Plan exciting visits to different beach hotels and explore 5 wonderful locations for endless fun and exploration. Experience the fascinating beach, dinosaur park, and forest scenes. But the family holiday time doesn't end there - you can also visit the amazing country of Egypt! Book a resort hotel, change your clothes, and immerse yourself in the beautiful beach and wild dinosaur park of Toontown. Unlock amazing scenes and make your toontown vacation more interesting and adventurous. Click to download now and start your family vacation time!

Features of this App:

- Multiple Beach Hotels: This app allows users to explore and visit different beach hotels in their toontown vacation. It provides a variety of options for users to choose from, making their family holidays more interesting and enjoyable.

- Interactive Locations: The app offers 5 wonderful locations for users to interact with and explore. These locations provide opportunities for fun exploration and allow users to discover hidden surprises in attractive scenes such as the beach, dinosaur park, and forest.

- Egypt Adventure: In addition to the beach hotels, the app also offers the chance to visit one of the beautiful countries, Egypt. Users can book a resort hotel and start their family vacation time there. This feature adds an extra level of excitement and diversity to the app.

- Change Your Clothes: Users have the option to change their clothes in the app. This allows them to customize their characters and enhance their experience in the toontown vacation.

- Unlock Amazing Scenes: The app encourages users to explore and unlock amazing scenes throughout their toontown vacation. By progressing through the story and completing certain tasks, users can access new and adventurous scenes.


With its multiple beach hotels, interactive locations, and the additional Egyptian adventure, this app offers a diverse and enjoyable experience for users looking to make their family vacations more fun and memorable. The feature of changing clothes adds a personal touch, while unlocking amazing scenes keeps users engaged and interested in exploring more. Overall, this app provides an exciting and interactive way for families to plan and enjoy their toontown vacations.

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File size: 28.85 M Latest Version: 2.0.0

Requirements: Android Language: English

Votes: 62 Package ID: com.cb.myvacation.realadventure


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