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Introducing "Wedding Design and Style", the ultimate app for all aspiring wedding designers! With this app, you can unleash your creativity and design the wedding of your dreams. Build a beautiful wedding house, arrange tables, and spread tablecloths for the perfect reception. Get ready to decorate a stunning wedding lawn or even participate in designing a beach wedding. Use rose petals to create the most exquisite designs and earn crowns by beating challenging levels. Explore endless possibilities and utilize tools like scissors, lipstick, and nail polish to complete levels faster. Get ready for a real makeover experience with lots of wedding decor options, including popping festive wedding balloons and capturing beautiful moments with the bride and groom. Say yes to the dress and create the perfect dress-up design for the bride. This is your ultimate wedding planning project! Download now and dive into beauty makeup games for girls and everyone. Help the girl and boy create unforgettable married games and assist the makeup artist in creating extraordinary makeovers. Join the fun and excitement of the wedding game today!

Features of this App:

- Wedding Game Design: The app allows users to participate in designing and styling weddings, from building houses to arranging tables and spreading tablecloths. This feature provides a creative and interactive experience for users.

- Wedding Lawn Decoration: Users can decorate a wedding lawn according to their preferences, adding a personal touch to the wedding design. This feature allows users to unleash their creativity and create unique wedding settings.

- Beach Wedding Design: The app also offers the opportunity to participate in the design of beach weddings. Users can design the perfect beach wedding setup, creating a romantic and visually stunning environment.

- Level-based Challenges: Users can earn crowns by completing amazing levels, providing a sense of achievement and motivation to progress in the game. This feature adds an element of gamification, making the app engaging and addictive.

- Various Tools and Power-ups: The app provides tools and power-ups like scissors, lipstick, and nail polish, which users can utilize to complete levels faster and overcome challenges. These features enhance gameplay and offer additional excitement.

- Wedding Decor and Dress-up: The app allows users to pop festive wedding balloons, take photographs of the bride and groom, and choose wedding dresses for the bride. This feature provides a comprehensive wedding planning experience, incorporating elements of decoration and dress-up.


This app offers a wide range of features and activities related to wedding design and planning. With its interactive gameplay, level-based challenges, and various tools and power-ups, the app provides an engaging and entertaining experience for users. Whether designing a wedding lawn, creating beach weddings, or participating in dress-up activities, users can explore their creativity and have fun. The app's unique features and appealing content make it a must-try for those interested in wedding design and style. Click now to download and start creating your dream weddings!

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File size: 87.92 M Latest Version: 1.2.7

Requirements: Android Language: English

Votes: 33 Package ID: com.birdsgamestudio.weddingmatch


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