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Summon Dragons 2

Category: Role playing Date:2023-11-20 17:58:01

Rating: 4.4 Tags: Casual

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Embark on an epic adventure in Summon Dragons 2, the ultimate dragon-themed RPG game that takes you on a journey from a secluded ocean plot to becoming a legendary Dragonlord. Build your island, construct powerful buildings, summon mighty dragons, and recruit skilled dragon trainers as you explore numerous dungeons and instances, each requiring strategic line-ups and tactics. Customize your dragon sanctuary, unleash the power of dragons, and explore mysterious dungeons to uncover hidden secrets and earn valuable rewards. Enhance your dragons' combat prowess with exclusive weapons and talents, and enjoy a rewarding system that caters to both casual players and dedicated strategists. Download now and become the ultimate Dragonlord in Summon Dragons 2!

Features of the Summon Dragons 2 app:

- Build Your Dragon Sanctuary: Users can start their adventure on an ocean plot and transform it into a thriving Dragon Sanctuary. They can customize the layout, construct buildings, and watch their sanctuary flourish.

- Unleash the Power of Dragons: Players can summon and nurture a diverse array of dragons, each with unique abilities and elemental affinities. They can train them, form bonds, and lead them into challenging battles against formidable foes.

- Explore Mysterious Dungeons: The app offers treacherous dungeons and instances scattered throughout the game world. Users can assemble a team of dragon trainers and heroes, strategize, and conquer these trials to uncover hidden secrets and earn valuable rewards.

- Forge Weapons and Enhance Talents: Players can equip their dragons with exclusive weapons and enhance their innate talents to unlock their full potential. They can collect rare equipment and halidoms to bolster their dragons' combat prowess.

- Rich Rewarding System: The app provides a rewarding system that makes progression exciting for both casual players and dedicated strategists. Players can earn rewards by completing tasks and challenges, catering to different playstyles.

- Idle Rewards for the Dragon Lord on the Go: Even when not actively playing, the app continues to reward players with idle rewards. Dragons will gather resources and improve, ensuring the journey towards becoming the ultimate Dragonlord never halts.


Embark on an epic adventure with Summon Dragons - the ultimate dragon-themed RPG game. The app offers a range of features, including building and customizing a Dragon Sanctuary, summoning and nurturing dragons, exploring mysterious dungeons, forging weapons, and enjoying a rewarding system. Whether you're a casual player or a dedicated strategist, Summon Dragons 2 provides an immersive and captivating dragon-filled adventure. Download now and become the ultimate Dragonlord!

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File size: 14.22 M Latest Version: 1.1.122

Requirements: Android Language: English

Votes: 36 Package ID: com.herogame.gplay.summondragons.two.idlerpg


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