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Category: Media & Video Date:2024-06-11 11:15:01

Rating: 4.1 Tags: Music

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Synced Lyrics Editor transforms music enjoyment with easy lyrics collection and synchronization. Listen to songs while the app records lyrics. Edit and customize lyrics creatively, adjust timing, and embed into audio files. Create and share edited song collections. With fast search and diverse music formats, it's your personalized music experience.

Features of Synced Lyrics Editor:

* Song Discovery Experience: Provides an enjoyable experience for discovering new songs.

* Accurate and Complete Lyrics Collection: Users can easily create and own a comprehensive collection of lyrics with just a few taps.

* Synchronized Content: The app synchronizes the lyrics with the song for a more familiar experience.

* Lyrics Editing Feature: Allows users to unleash their creativity by editing lyrics.

* Personal Adjustments: Users can personalize their experience by adjusting the lyrics and controlling the timing of audio clips.

* Build a Lyrics Collection: Users can save and reopen their edited creations, and share them through clipboard storage.


Experience the joy of discovering new songs and creating your own comprehensive lyrics collection with Synced Lyrics Editor. This app offers a seamless and enjoyable experience, with its synchronized lyrics, editing feature, and personal adjustments. Customize your songs to feel them your way, and build a collection of your edited creations. Download Synced Lyrics Editor now and unlock the limitless possibilities of music creativity.

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File size: 11.92 M Latest Version: 24.5.141

Requirements: Android Language: English

Votes: 140 Package ID: lyriceditor.lyricsearch.embedlyrictomp3.syncedlyri



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