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Category: Communication Date:2024-06-11 10:48:01

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Discover MeWe, the versatile social networking and messaging app giving you control. Similar to Facebook, it offers a main board for sharing content, group creation, and chatting. Standout features include GIF, video, and image uploads, plus unique GIF creation with "We and Me." This app prioritizes user privacy, offering an ad-free experience with unmanipulated feeds. Download the app for a fresh social networking experience!

Features of MeWe:

- Main board of publications: It offers a main board where users can see and share content, similar to Facebook. This allows for easy navigation and discovery of interesting posts.

- Chat functionality: Users can create or join groups and engage in conversations with like-minded people. This feature promotes community building and allows users to connect with others who share their interests.

- Wide variety of topics and interests: MeWe offers groups relating to a diverse range of topics, ensuring that users can find and join groups that align with their personal preferences and hobbies.

- Secure registration process: To ensure the safety of its users, the app requires an e-mail address for registration. In case of suspicious activity, a phone number verification is also necessary. These measures protect user accounts from unauthorized access.

- Rich content options: It not only allows text-based posts but also supports the uploading of GIFs, videos, and images. Furthermore, the app includes a unique feature called "We and Me" that enables users to create short recordings that are converted into GIFs.

- Ad-free and unbiased content feed: Unlike other social networking platforms, this app does not display ads or manipulate the content feed. Users only see posts from people they follow and have control over the content they consume.


MeWe is an all-in-one app merging social networking and messaging functionalities seamlessly.With its user-friendly interface, diverse group options, secure registration process, rich content options, and unbiased content feed, MeWe offers a compelling alternative to other social media platforms. Download the app now to experience a seamless and personalized social networking experience.

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Requirements: Android Language: English

Votes: 346 Package ID: com.mewe


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  • I have the premium because I really want to support this great platform. I would give 5 stars if I was able to send pics, videos, or files in the private chats. I checked my app settings and all those permissions are correct. My sister has no problems sending photos to me, but nothing happens when I select a file/photo/video and press "send." I wonder if this could be on her end? Help!
    2024-06-15 03:52:46
  • It's a pretty good app and platform. The notifications aren't always timely (delayed), there's no way to do live video (neither personal, nor groups), but there's a few other things to do. There's no way to make a group of groups (all related to the same brand for example), but the group dynamics are good. I'd like to see group options to only be seen by people who have the link and private otherwise - that is, they are the able to apply for membership)
    2024-06-15 01:38:44
  • It's a good substitute if you don't want facebook, but it can improve in some things such as fixing a couple messaging glitches, a little cleaner layout of things, and more freedom in sending/posting pictures and videos by letting us go through our folders instead of the media we saved last. But other than that this was an excellent app that I'm proudly keeping a little longer than I thought
    2024-06-13 23:38:48
  • I love the app since it is like a new and improved version of G+ and I can connect a lot with other users, however my main issue is that others are allowed to recommend contacts. I find this very annoying seeing as the contact doesn't wish to befriend me, but their friend wishes to befriend us and I don't work like that. Some may like that however all I ask for is a button to flip that switch off and not have to receive recommended contacts anymore.
    2024-06-13 15:17:50
  • This app is great just like the web version. Posting, chatting in groups, emojis and ease of using the platform are all the pros of MeWe. The one main problem with the MeWe app is a lacking feature that I wish would be added soon. When posting/sending media or any files, the file manager that opens to choose files from is randomly sorted and if you have many files, it becomes extremely difficult if not impossible to find files. It would be great if the file library was sorted alphabetically.
    2024-06-13 11:49:57
  • I am just is the learning phase of using MeWe rather than Facebook. Appreciate the values MeWe represents. One frustration I have when scrolling through the feed is that I can be right in the middle of reading the front page of a post and all of a sudden it flips up to the first post on the page. Then I have to scroll down again through many pages to get back to where I was reading.....very irritating. Can this be fixed? Thanks for providing a great alternative.
    2024-06-13 11:25:25
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